South Korea News

South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea, is a country in East Asia. The country is home to almost 52 million people and uses the South Korean won as its currency. Its capital city, Seoul, is geographically located in the nation’s upper region. Thanks in part to its bustling capital and the nation’s landscape, South Korea’s economy benefits from various factors, including high technological advancement. South Korea borders North Korea, also known as the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

South Korea has stringent crypto regulations focused on preventing illegal activities and ensuring transparency. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) are regulated under precise Anti-Money Laundering and securities regulations enforced by the Financial Securities Commission (FSC) of South Korea. 

Reporting guidelines for crypto service providers, including centralized and decentralized exchanges, are fundamental in South Korea. The regulatory framework is influenced by the government’s evolving policy stance on crypto assets. When sold, cryptocurrencies held as investments are subject to a 20% capital gains tax for individuals and 22% for corporations. Additionally, cryptocurrencies used for payments may incur a 10% value-added tax in South Korea.