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Cheryl lives her lifetime dream as a writer and editor because of the Internet and Bitcoin—two of the world’s greatest ever humanity-uniting innovations.

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CoinDaddy is making Bitcoin 2.0 technology user friendly. Cointelegraph interviews developer Jeremy Johnson about how the project started and where it is going....
‘Assets Remove Barriers that Prevent People from Experimenting,’ Says CoinDaddy Dev
Cheryl Hulseapple
The team behind the “blockchain-based anti-counterfeit solution,” Block Verify, wants to have a global, positive social impact by using blockchain technology to...
Block Verify Uses Blockchains to End Counterfeiting and ‘Make World More Honest’
Cheryl Hulseapple
UK-based LazyCoins announced its official launch on March 2. Lazycoins is a digital currency exchange offering fully licensed platforms for both trading and mer...
LazyCoins Launches Intending to Be ‘the Exchange That People Just Trust’
Cheryl Hulseapple
CoinOutlet, Inc. announced they have acquired the ATM network of LibertyTeller. LibertyTeller is the same company that, according to Cointelegraph and co-founde...
CoinOutlet Acquires LibertyTeller BTMs to Expand New Backend Network Ecosystem
Cheryl Hulseapple
Bitrated has spent the last year in stealth mode, quietly developing version two of their consumer protection platform. They launched it on February 18, adding ...
Bitrated Adds Reputation System, Offering ‘Chargeback-Like’ Process to Bitcoin
Cheryl Hulseapple
The subjects of filmmaker Calvin (C.H.) Tran’s videos speak highly of his work. The two with whom Cointelegraph spoke regarding Tran’s upcoming documentary seri...
‘People In Bitcoin’ Series Aims to Film Diverse Experiences with Cryptocurrency
Cheryl Hulseapple
In the spirit of lovebirds who like Valentine’s Day, and those who don’t, ChangeTip, Newegg and BitPay have announced a Valentine’s Day contest.
‘Why Are You Single?’ How to Get Free Bitcoin This Valentine’s Day
Cheryl Hulseapple
Emilio Pagan-Yourno says he has a strong drive to succeed, which is why he decided to create the first company to place Bitcoin ATMs (Bitcoin transaction machin...
Unbank.World BTM Company: Monthly Manhattan Revenue Exceeds US$270,000
Cheryl Hulseapple

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