Google has added Coinbase support to their Google Now app, enabling Android users to receive updates about Bitcoin price fluctuations and other information about their Coinbase accounts in a card via their phone. 

Google launched the service update on January 30, enabling a total of 40 third-party apps to generate cards in Google Now. Android customers who install both the Coinbase and Google Now apps can enable the new card function. 

Coinbase announced the partnership with Google on their blog, saying:

“Beginning next week, some users of the Google app on Android will be able to receive Now cards from Coinbase. These notifications […] will provide you with timely updates, like bitcoin price changes, the delivery of bitcoin to your Coinbase wallet, and other transaction information. The functionality will be rolling out to all Android users over the next few weeks.”

Other notable third-party apps that will integrate with Google Now include Airbnb, Pandora, Lyft, Ebay, The Guardian, and Waze. The cards will provide information specific to each service, such as offering places to stay through Airbnb, making music suggestions through Pandora, and keeping users up to date with the news through The Guardian.

Last summer, Google Finance added a Bitcoin price ticker to their financial page. With this latest feature, some users on Reddit express excitement to see Google add another Bitcoin-related service. Others fear that new users to the digital currency will think they “have to” use Coinbase, and that the company is further strengthening its image as the “new bank.”

The Verge called Google Now “a one-stop digital assistant” that conveniently “has a view into all of the things you're doing and are interested in.” But they also pointed out that this new move gives Google more access to your personal information:

“Using Google Now previously just meant that Google had a better view into all the info across all of its services, but now it's analyzing your third-party info, as well.”

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