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Hodler’s Digest, October 8-14: Ran Neuner Thinks BTC’s Price Will ‘Explode,’ While Research Predicts Market Will ‘Implode’

OCT 14, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Roger Ver wants Bitcoin.com to have its own crypto exchange, while CNBC’s Ran Neuner thinks Bitcoin’s price could soon “explode.”

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Hodler’s Digest, October 1-7: WSJ Gets In and Out of Crypto, While BofA Sees a $7 Billion Future for Blockchain

OCT 07, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

The Wall Street Journal creates, then gets rid of, its own cryptocurrency and the Petro may be ready for public sale in November.

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Hodler’s Digest, September 23-30: Walmart Embraces Blockchain, Google Does 180 On Crypto-Ad Ban

SEP 30, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Google partially reverse its crypto-ad ban, and Walmart makes blockchain use mandatory for leafy greens suppliers.

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Hodler’s Digest, September 16-23: Elon Musk Wants Advice on Twitter Crypto Scammers, the US SEC Wants Comments on BTC ETFs

SEP 23, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

A Japanese cryptocurrency exchange is hacked of almost 6,000 bitcoins, and Elon Musk turns to Dogecoin creator to get rid of Twitter crypto scammers

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Hodler’s Digest, September 9-16: SEC Heightens Crypto Crackdown, While US Court Ruling Marks Cryptos as Securities

SEP 16, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

A judge has weighed in on cryptocurrencies falling under securities laws, and several new stablecoins are approved by New York regulators.

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Hodler’s Digest, September 2-9: Goldman Sachs Says ‘No Thanks’ to Crypto Trading Desk, While India Sends Officials to ‘Crypto College’

SEP 09, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Google Cloud embraces the Ethereum blockchain dataset and Goldman Sachs reportedly shelves its crypto trading desk project.

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Hodler’s Digest, August 26–September 2: Both Eminem and Yahoo Finance Embrace Bitcoin in Wins for Crypto Adoption

SEP 02, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

North Korea may have unsuccessfully set up a BTC mining operation last year, and Yahoo Finance brings crypto trading more mainstream.

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Hodler’s Digest: SEC May Make U-Turn on BTC ETF Rejections, While India and China Crack Down on Crypto Scammers

AUG 27, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

SEC rejects 9 BTC ETFS, then decides its decision will be reviewed, and one researcher thinks that BTC isn’t really using all that much energy.

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Hodler’s Digest, August 13-19: Joseph Lubin Embraces Crypto Bubbles, While Playboy Gets Impatient for Blockchain

AUG 19, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Joseph Lubin doesn’t think that market crashes are all that bad, and Playboy sues in order to get its blockchain integration started already.

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Hodler’s Digest, August 5-12: You Can’t Actually Buy A Frappucino With Bitcoin, But You Can Ship More Things On Blockchain

AUG 12, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

The US DEA actually encourages people to keep using cryptocurrencies, and the WSJ releases a report exposing a variety of “pump and dump” schemes.

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Hodler’s Digest, July 29-August 5: Both Kim Kardashian and the Operator of the New York Stock Exchange Get Into Bitcoin

AUG 05, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

The crypto markets have taken a tumble this week, despite positive adoption news coming from the New York Stock Exchange operator.

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Hodler’s Digest, July 23-29: Winklevoss ETF Gets Second SEC Rejection, While Fortune Recognizes Crypto Trailblazers

JUL 29, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Iran explores circumventing U.S. sanctions with cryptocurrency, and a former JPMorgan exec thinks blockchain can save the world.

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Hodler’s Digest, July 16-22: Coinbase Backpedals on Regulatory Approval and Switzerland Becomes Even More Crypto Friendly

JUL 22, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Coinbase announces, then denies, it has received regulatory approval to list tokens considered as securities, and Stellar becomes Sharia certified.

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Hodler’s Digest, July 9-15: While Mining ETH is a ‘Side Hustle’ for Google Co-Founder, Mining BTC for Russians May Fund Election ‘Interference’

JUL 15, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

Russian officials have been accused of mining Bitcoin to fund election “interference,” while a UK study sees crypto soon becoming “mainstream.”

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Hodler’s Digest, July 1-8: Finland Calls Bitcoin a ‘Fallacy,’ While EU Warns Against BTC Pessimists Like Robert Shiller

JUL 08, 2018 | by Molly Jane Zuckerman

The Bank of Finland tries to paint cryptocurrencies as a “fallacy,” and Coinbase reaches out to institutional investors in this week’s crypto overview

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