What is Ethereum Classic Price Index? How is it calculated?

The Ethereum Classic Price Index by Cointelegraph represents the normalized average of prices collecting data from approximately 30 leading crypto exchanges. The Ethereum Classic Price Index shows an online and constantly updated volume for Ethereum Classic with the highest and lowest price for the last 24 hours. It also includes the dynamics of price’s indexation on daily, weekly, and monthly basis. It also has Historical Price and Volume, a spreadsheet with manually tuned settings of the date intervals that shows the diachronic changings of price and total volume through selected time period. All prices could be compared to USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, KRW and RUR.

Ethereum Classic Market Overview

On the following widget, there is a live price of Ethereum Classic with other useful market data including Ethereum Classic's market capitalization, trading volume, daily, weekly and monthly changes, total supply, highest and lowest prices, etc. By default, the Ethereum Classic price is provided in USD, but you can easily switch the base currency to Euro, British Pounds, Japanese yen, Korean won and Russian Roubles.

Ethereum Classic Market Overview
Market Cap 864.23 M $
Total 120,165,563.56 ETC
Volume 1D 4,870,980.56 $
Volume 1D 673,593.71 ETC
Open 7.13 $
Today’s High 7.37 $
Today’s Low 7.09 $
Change (1D) +0.94%
Change (1W) -2.29%
Change (1M) +21.12%

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