5 Public Figures Who Changed Their Minds about Bitcoin

Changing your mind is usually a wonderful thing. If we never did it, we’d never learn.

The following five public figures changed their minds in a big way about the world’s first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin.

1. Brian Kelly, CNBC contributor and currency investment advisor

In 2013, investing correspondent Brian Kelly said on CNBC’s Fast Money that he was trying to buy bitcoins on Mt. Gox in order to cash in on the “tulip mania.”

Brian Kelly

A year later, Kelly has shifted his views. He even made a video about how cryptcurrencies are created by making one himself:

“I created my own bitcoin-like currency, Nautiluscoin, as an experiment. I wanted to learn about the technology and create awareness about digital currencies.”

He’s just published a book called The Bitcoin Big Bang (selling for Bitcoin, of course) and recently said,

“Bitcoin is the most important innovation in the history of money.”

2. Mark T. Williams (a.k.a. Professor Bitcorn), finance teacher at Boston University

Dubbed “Professor Bitcorn” in 2013 after he predicted that Bitcoin would trade for less than US$10 by June 2014, Mark Williams had much more to say about cryptocurrency than just dire price predictions.

Mark T. Williams

He said that Bitcoin was “smoke and mirrors,” and that: