Bitcoin used to be of interest only to people working in the tech sector. Not anymore. Now, your average spoiled American university girl can have a great weekend using only Bitcoin.

Meet Alyson

Though Bitcoin is a currency that is recognized by most people across the developed world, it can still be seen as a facet of the tech industry, with only the world’s most technologically literate using it in any meaningful way.

However, this is no longer true, as members of all social groups can find a use for cryptocurrency.

As an example of such, we will take you through a day in the life of a fictional “basic bitch,” one of the unlikeliest people to show an interest in crypto, to demonstrate that Bitcoin is for everyone.

Meet Alyson. She’s a 21-year-old American university student in this hypothetical scenario. She loves yoga, shopping, and hanging out with her friends.

Normally, she would be the last person in the world to use cryptocurrency, but her nerdy uncle who works for Coinbase gave her a whole Bitcoin for her high school graduation back in 2013. When she saw a Facebook post of his (her parents made her friend him) about how that one coin was now worth over four times as much, she knew she had to find her private key and password.


Alyson barely figured out how to work her wallet, and didn’t have the patience to be able to sell her Bitcoin via an exchange or other service.

Luckily, she found Gyft, a service where she could buy gift cards to all her favorite stores with Bitcoin on the spot.

After installing the app on her iPhone, she texted her best friends and arranged a trip to the mall.


Coffee and lunch

What day could begin without a proper caffeine fix? iPhone in hand, Alyson headed to Starbucks, and while waiting in line used the first of her Bitcoin to buy a gift card with her Gyft app.

One venti pumpkin spice latte (#PSL) later and a big smile on her face, she was ready for the rest of the day.

Next, Alyson met with her friends for lunch at Panera. After failing to explain to them what Bitcoin was or how to use it, she offered to use it to buy all of them lunch.

One quick transaction later, she had a Panera gift card on her phone that she successfully used to cover everyone’s meal of broccoli cheddar soup, chicken avocado BLTs, and Fuji apple chicken salad (her friend Alyssa was on a diet).

Shopping mall

Once at the shopping mall, the team used the Gyft app’s gift card selection as a guide on which stores to go to. First they went to American Eagle, where Alyson purchased a new pair of jeans.

Next up was Bath and Body Works, where the whole crew indulged on lotion and facial scrubs.

After that, Alyson just couldn’t resist buying that cute little top the mannequin in the window of Express was wearing, and although she stays away from Hot Topic (since that’s where all the creepy goth kids go), she absolutely had to buy the adorable stuffed Grumpy Cat they were selling.

To finish up the trip, she got a new purse at Saks Off 5th, loaded up on makeup at Sephora, and got a sexy new set of lingerie at Victoria’s Secret in case she would meet that special someone.

Dinner, movie and beyond

Finally, Alyson joined her gang of friends for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, and afterwards caught a movie, all courtesy of Bitcoin via Gyft.

Later that night, she used Bitcoin directly to buy a cute new pair of flats at as she planned the next day of grocery shopping at her favorite organic food store Whole Foods.

Bitcoin is now viable for all social groups

In addition to being accepted at more and more establishments, Bitcoin has also accrued a large enough network of third party companies to make living entirely off of cryptocurrency a reality for much of the world.

When a technology finds comfortable use in the hands of a young, popular American girl, it’s a sign that said technology is ready for mass adoption.