Dear Reader, if You have encountered the article “Bitcoin Marching Enters Washington”, please get acquainted with it. The activities described are the turning point not only for the bitcoin community, but also for the whole financially active society of the whole world. All events featured in summer/fall of this year will be the key point for future development of crypto currencies and its regular use. The article mentions a convention that was the first official met up to feature the questions about bitcoin. The matter of this summit is very important from almost all points of view, as it is a reason for a healthy future of the society.

On 13th June of the year 2013 in the Carlucci Auditorium in Washington was held a panel. The venue belongs to the US institute of Peace. The two main sponsors of this year conference were Thompson Reuters and the Centre for Missing and Exploited Children. I suppose You can imagine that this was not the most favorable topic to start the discussion about the features and advantages of the coin.

The second part of the panel was devoted to the question of children pornography and its purchase, as well with bitcoins and its network. The representative of the Justice department of the USA voice the opinion that virtual coins stimulated the creation of bigger amount of materials consisting or holding trace of children pornography. It means that encouraging the “mining” of coins is encouraging the criminals.

The lead developer of Bitcoin community Patrick Murck, along with Gavin Andressen refused to see some link, because the bitcoin as a currency in this chain can be easily replaced by other payment methods. The decentralization and no governance of the bitcoin environment is not the key factor to prefer the currency by criminals. There are many other types of money that also can stimulate the activity on the black market.

On this panel was for the first time claimed the will of the BTC community to enter the new age, where some level of regulation is established. The level should not exceed the main principles of the currency, to keep its progressive approach to economics. Both developers offered to hold separate from other questions panels and seminars, open, shown in public to discuss all questions and to reduce the doubts.

As many experts believe this first meeting even on a event considering totally different questions has led to a beginning of the conversation between the BTC world and the authorities. In this conversation the representatives of the bitcoin are not seen as criminals, but as respected members of the US society that really have something to present and to protect – the right for liberty.