A blockchain project says it strives to make this technology accessible and safe for everyone, all while offering military-grade encryption to ensure user data is private and secure.

The Jupiter Project says its encryption capabilities are the underpinning for secure DApps that boast an array of innovative features — including decentralized voting, file sharing, DEX, asset creation, NFT markets, the creation of new cryptocurrencies, and cross-border payments.

It is already being traded across a number of exchanges too, including KuCoin, Uniswap and PancakeSwap. To this end, a multi-chain bridge has been established to ensure the native cryptocurrency can be moved between chains.

Over time, the project’s founder Steven Grove believes that the development of new services within the ecosystem will help increase network adoption further and give users greater levels of choice.

“I wanted to create an affordable application layer to scaffold data storage from blockchain-enabled apps to easily store, replicate, and encrypt the stored data,” Grove explained.

A flagship DApp

At the heart of the Jupiter Project is Metis, a decentralized chat application that synchronizes across all platforms.

“Imagine Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, but 100% private, decentralized, and equipped with fully encrypted messaging,” the team says.

Every message that is sent using Metis is double encrypted using military-grade encryption — and as a result, Jupiter says this ensures content can only be read by the participants in a group.

No personal information is required during the process of registering for a Metis account. By using JSON formatted payloads and our military-grade encryption, the Metis application can secure every single message on the platform. Metis uniquely uses accounts for channels and builds each user their channel list that is stored in their account. 

Amid concerns over how personal information is used, the Jupiter Project says its environment is free of advertising, data mining or AI systems that harvest communication. All of this ensures users can cut out the middleman and use the best-of-breed privacy communicator that’s on the market.

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Just the beginning

Jupiter says it has bold plans to enhance the power and popularity of Metis. As well as launching Jupiter-wrapped versions of crypto that can be traded on its very own DEX — enabling its blockchain to now fully support Bitcoin, Ether and Tether assets — shuffling will pave the way for anonymization of assets on its network.

In time, it’s hoped that Metis containers will become a staple in homes too, bringing together secure messaging with home automation, Internet of Things capability and a place where crypto can be stored safely.

Not only will this offer a privacy-conscious alternative to the likes of Alexa and Google Home, but it will be provided through low cost subscriptions.

“I value privacy, sovereignty, and technological progress. As long as we have been around, we are only just beginning to scratch the surface of the capabilities and awesome products we will build,” Grove added.

Metis Messenger was released on June 21 — and looking ahead, the project has huge plans for 2021 and 2022.

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