After Cointelegraph posted an article about the Gemini exchange, we became interested: how many astrology-based coins are there? Is it possible for every cryptocurrency enthusiast to find a token that fits their Zodiac Sign?

Of course, Gemini is not an altcoin, but it was neither the first nor the last project to have a reference to star signs.

So let’s try and find cryptocurrencies dedicated to each of the 12 astrological constellations.

You may want to ask “Why 12? How about the 13th?” The answer is: we’re still in denial about Ophiuchus -- it’s not a real constellation. With that taken care of, let’s proceed to our list.

Cryptocurrencies of the celestial sphere

Aquarius [Jan 20 - Feb 18]

The cycle of Zodiac signs starts with Aquarius and -- bingo! -- we do have an Aquariuscoin or ARCO. It was first mined on February 19, 2016. A year before, the project leader, Jure Pirc, gave an interview to Cointelegraph about promoting Bitcoin in Slovenia. Today, the coin is not as popular as it used to be: recently its market cap has dropped to $32,000.

Pisces [Feb 18 - Mar 20]

There’s no ‘Piscescoin’, but there’s Coinye whose logo is Kanye West shaped like a fish. So there’s that. The singer didn’t like the idea and his lawyers had the project closed. This token was introduced on January 11, 2014, and only lasted for a week.

Aries [Mar 20 - Apr 20]

Aries had two coins, but both are kind of dead. Here is the sad story: AriesCoin, or AQT, fits the name but looks like a scam, so we’re not going take it seriously. There’s also GOATCoin - though it hasn’t been active since 2014. Its name is an abbreviation of “The Greatest altcoin Of All Time” and its mascot is a goat in a military uniform. However, these powerful symbols don’t seem to have helped this crypto survive.

Taurus [Apr 20 - May 21]

As we know, Tauri are well-known for their stubbornness. But this time it didn’t work out -- the coin we have managed to find is also kind of dead. Taurus or TRC wasn’t a long-lasting token with only one mention remaining online.

Gemini [May 21 - Jun 21]

Here comes the hero of the zodiac cryptocurrency - Gemini. In the middle of July, its trading volume overcame $44 mln. Its popularity grows day by day. The project’s motto, “Your Bridge to the Future of Money,” is reminiscent of horoscope predictions. Plus, the space-themed site once again reminds us of astrology.

Cancer [Jun 21 - Jul 23]

There’s no zodiac currency dedicated to Cancer, but there’s a CureCoin which was designed to cure the disease of the same name. Developed by students from Stanford, this project has helped thousands of people. Thus far its market cap isn’t too high, but recently the CURE has started making great progress:

Leo [Jul 23 - Aug 23]

The king of the star signs has its own crypto, too. It’s LEOcoin, know simply as LEO. Its market cap is almost $52 mln, though is still quite low when compared to other cryptocurrencies. According to the developers, LEO shares several traits that we all associate with the king of the jungle: primarily, orange and golden colors.

Virgo [Aug 23 - Sep 23]

There’s only one mention of Virgo or VIRGO which can be found online -- not much to work with. But don’t get upset, we’ve got a suitable NSFW substitute for you. TitCoin or simply TIT is the best Virgo one could hope to meet. This coin was quite popular in 2014 and after a protracted plateau, its market cap has risen again very recently.

Libra [Sep 23 - Oct 23]

There used to be some noise surrounding LibraCoin in 2014. According to some, it suddenly appeared on the market, but soon went dark and the developers deleted their posts. Although it seemed like a scam to many users, LibraCoin still keeps afloat to the delight of all Librae.

Neither Scorpio [Oct 23 - Nov 22] nor Sagittarius [Nov 22 - Dec 22] coins were found during our profound research. Don’t worry, maybe the stars just didn’t align yet. We are not sure if the strong traits of the people of those signs include creating cryptocurrencies. But if you feel like it, feel free to try!

Capricorn [Dec 23 - Jan 20]

Capricoin or CPC can’t boast a great market cap, as it’s only $489,000. Having a sense of purpose, both Capricorn and CPC continue their way into the business. On July 23, Capricoin will celebrate its second birthday. This cryptocurrency concludes our zodiac cycle.

The road ahead

Evidently, the horoscope topic wasn’t too popular among altcoin developers. Some signs had their cryptocurrencies active for just several days or weeks, and some didn’t have any at all. A couple of coins on this list have been selected fairly liberally, as they aren’t really dedicated to their respective zodiac signs. The remainder are barely keeping up with the rapidly growing market.

For the zodiac fanatics reading - know that creating your coin has never been as easy as it is now. This might be the chance to take destiny into your own hands and change the state of affairs!