Angelina Lazar, rogue economist and cryptocurrency revolutionary, tells Cointelegraph all about her war with Onecoin. In Part 1 of her story, Lazar gave her frank account of Onecoin founder Ruja Ignatova. In Part 2, she accuses heads of Bulgaria and Serbia of taking bribes from Onecoin, and questions the role of some Joe Biden, Vice President of the USA.

Bribes, Interpol, druids, yachts, cocaine, witchcraft and of course, Onecoin (but no Blockchain) figure here in part 3 of Angelina Lazar’s story.

Angelina Lazar: So, the next chess move from the OneLife MobSquad was to offer us a hefty bribe of 2 mln euros. But I refused to accept! I don't sell my soul, my body, my skill sets or my talents to anyone at any time! That is called 'integrity' in spite of all their seething lies about me, slander and libel, scathing comments and character assassination all fall into fire and water! Incidentally, they did not offer anyone such a hefty bribe, outside of us! But it didn't fly! So, now what? They were fast running out of options, and kept coming up empty!

Next, the bugger of a witch literally bribed the Deputy Director of Interpol, Mr David Smith! He was working against me big-time, along with some other blokes of his!

This Deputy tried to starve my partner, by not paying him, and delaying him inordinately! They threw us a lot of hurdles, along with passing crucial information, like my Interpol Report to the OneLife MobSquad! But as God would have it, the bugger just got suspended this week, which was a huge victory for our camp! He had to pack his bags, and all his belongings, and everything was pulled from him and his cronies!

He awaits prosecution, and I await his conviction! I rejoiced over that one, as he was a rotten apple to the core, who was in a key and critical position because the Director was out of commission, whom they tried to poison, so, he assumed command, which was not a good thing!

But God is always on my side, as I lean on Him, and I am adamant about bringing these fiends to justice! That is all I wanted to say on that, and I will not mention who else is involved, as I will get my wrists slapped real good for this already, but fact of the matter is: the truth needs to start penetrating! People are putting up serious amounts of money and they've just upped the ante, and came out now with a €225,000 Package! Egregious! They are clamouring at the bit, trying to get their grubby hands on as much money as quickly as possible before they go down, as they know very well the ship is sinking, and you better believe, I will ensure this Titanic sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor!  

I think I've revealed enough........ But actually...... there is one more thing I should probably spill the beans on.

People keep asking me: “How much longer?”... “When will they finally be arrested?” .... “What's taking so long?” ... “Why are they not shut down yet?”

Actually, I want to pacify all those people on the one hand; and on the other, I don't want to see more victims fall for this new bait, put up huge sums of money, and give it to the mob to do their dirty work! So, I will share with you another tidbit, which, actually, is no tidbit at all, but a serious bomb … Okay, make that two bombs!

First off, I want to say that we made a couple of dozen arrests already, so, rest easy on that one! They are not getting off scot-free! We have stepped on their tails real good! They are just hiding this fact from everyone! We even arrested the Crypto-Witch, herself! ...... People think I exaggerate when I call her that! They think I hype it up or use the term 'witch' figuratively or have some personal vendetta against her! Actually, no.  

Ruja Ignatova is no Ph.D. from Oxford or anywhere else, for that matter! She bought her diploma just like the Serbian President bought his!

Talk about birds of a feather, co-scammers and fraudsters, but on a much higher level! They are both criminals and shysters, and have no conscience whatsoever! No wonder they fell in love with each other! But don't let me get ahead of myself...

So, we finally arrest the Druid Witch, nailing her on her broom in... Well, actually, no, it was on her yacht in Spain - with 242 kg of cocaine on board! This, you will not hear anywhere else! I am sure I will be seriously reprimanded up the wazoo for sharing this with you all, but there, you have it! People need to open their eyes finally, and stop believing this gypsy witch, who is effecting mind control over them! They need to snap right out of it! I explained this pictorially in my last update on my Petition and it is worth the short read, as you will see it clearly in the pictures, if you have been blind to it up until now. Here is the continuation of that as when you see the pictures I lay out, you can clearly see she is purposely effecting mind control over her subjects!

So, why is the witch not in jail if this is true? Actually, her bail was set at a whopping €10 mln before our guys would set her temporarily free! Now, I ask you: how could Onecoin possibly have all that extra disposable cash to pay out millions and millions of euro's worth of bail bonds and bribes, and still double the Onecoins for 2.5 mln members, and pay out all that commission, when the price of their Onecoin NoCoins keeps on supposedly rising?! - Impossible! People are simply not doing the math! They have no idea how unsustainable this ponzi scheme and compensation plan is! It is ludicrous! It is not about nor has it ever been about anyone earning any money in this pit from hell! It has always been about a pie-in-the-sky dream for dreamers in dream land, who have no critical thinking whatsoever, who are, therefore, all too easy to hypnotize and bewitch to put up every last cent they have before the MobSquad takes that cash and stashes it offshore in a different name, so, it's untraceable and spoken for! Then, they will be left with nothing to sue them with! That is the plan! Cause you'd have to do it in Bulgaria, and who wants to go to Bulgaria and sit there for all the proceedings when they bought off law enforcement over there, anyway?!.... So then, they can do a disappearing act on everyone to some exotic place in the world, certainly after bribing every respective politician and rogue agent they need to along the way! This was always the plan! ... But they never expected they would run into me! They just expected everyone had a price... So, it was all under control, they figured that no one would be the wiser because everyone is greedy!

People need to take this seriously, and do their research! Witchcraft is real! It is old-hat for born gypsies like Ruja Ignatova, and I will tell you, she is very skilled in her craft, make no mistake! Even other witches, like Madonna, admit that Ruja Ignatova is wicked as can be, and couldn't care less about hurting 2.5 mln people and their families! And don't ask me how I know!... This explains the phenomenon of why it is 'impossible' to convince OneLifers they are tangled in a scam! No..... for them, they just bow down, singing: 'Hail, Queen!' It's like talking to brick walls! Have you noticed that? You prove it up and down, forwards, sideways and backwards, and then the OneLife Zombie just stares at you blankly, like a deer in headlights, saying: 'Prove it!,' when you just did till you're blue in the face! Their critical thinking is totally shut down! Their minds are clouded over seriously! They have no judgement or discernment whatsoever, and their eyes are wide shut! They need a deliverance, as all are in collective captivity!

This phenomenon is as real as the night is dark, so, I don't care if technocrats have no knowledge of what I'm talking about..... I'm telling you, OneLifers need an exorcism! They lost their faculties and have no thinking mind left! And if you've experienced West Africa, which is the voodoo capital of the world as I have or Haiti or other pockets where witchcraft and voodoo abounds, you would have seen exactly this phenomenon time and again, and would be able to recognize it in an instant! And people will not just snap out of it easily, I must say! They need serious power prayers, tower prayers, a deliverance, exorcism, call it what you will, to come out of this! I talk till I'm blue in the face, and none of them.... Absolutely not one can hear you! They all have this lost, blank stare, they think they're all wise, that you don't know what you're talking about, you are just a hater, negative, out for revenge, hate their queenie or have an axe to grind! Actually, I thank God I invested not one dime and did not sign up anyone; so, I have nothing whatsoever to lose or gain from this! And everyone has always said I'm the most positive person with an infectious enthusiasm, and a motivational speaker, so, I speak what I know, as I see what others do not and am fair to warn them in spite of themselves! The rest is on them if they are too rebellious to research this out, report them themselves, and get themselves the help they need to pull out of this cult they find themselves in that is dragging them under and will gobble up every last cent they have!

I am extremely deft in spiritual matters, and this is why, no doubt, God had my path cross Onecoin! Mark my words, otherwise, to this day, they would be much more vast, there would be far greater detriment, they would have raked in many more millions, and sucked in hundreds of thousands of more victims, and perhaps millions!.... So, for that, I thank God He used me as an instrument to help put a stop to this carnage, and apply triage to stop the bleeding - as this kind of esoteric knowledge is not common. The average Joe is not privy to this, and would not take on this fight, and if he did, he would not win! Make no mistake: we are fighting evil powers here, and an insidious underground ring that has been operating for a long time! They are using Onecoin as a front, a new vehicle with a discreet means of transferring millions of euros quietly, away from the prying eyes of righteous regulators! Did I just call regulators righteous?... Lemme' just skip over that one!

I am no rookie in covert spiritual warfare, is all I will say! The OneLife MobSquad is seriously looking for me, I hear, and we have eyes and ears all over as do they. So, I surface here or there, but I am laying low until we wrap this up! Suffice it to say: I've been at war with these powers and principalities a long time now, so, recognize them for who they are! This is my forte, which always seems to land on me, but so be it; it relates to my mission and persona, and that is all I will say..... The rest will come out when it comes out. But we are at war and the war is intense. There are daily battles on the front line. And it is much more vast than people realize. I hope your readership will appreciate the information I relayed, which goes against the rules; but I am moved by the Spirit, and my intention is to protect and inform people, and bring this war to the home stretch, when we can pull the cord and rug out from underneath them! Then, you will discover just what we are dealing with, as it will be all over the news! So, let this suffice!... But for all those who are worried about me, and tell me to be careful, to them I say: “I commend this case to Jesus, and He always has my back! So, thank you, but I must do what I must do as I always do!” And that is why I always win, no matter what they say about me, what all they try to do to me or what others think of me!

Cointelegraph: Well, I meant to ask: “How have they retaliated,” but I guess you covered that, at the out self! So, is there anything else you want to share with our readers, in closing?

Angelina Lazar: Yes!..... I encourage everyone to report the OneLife MobSquad to their local law enforcement authority without further ado! Especially if they are in the City of London or the U.K., but anywhere, really! We will catch wind of it, rest assured! So be thorough! Be responsible! Do your part!

I assure everyone they will not get their money out of OneLife, so, cut with the dreaming! A scorpion is always a scorpion! They never launched Onecoin for YOU to make money, but for THEM to extort money from YOU! So wake up! - There is no Blockchain! They don't do any mining! There is no proof of work or proof of stake because there is no work so there are no Onecoins! Nothing is transparent because nothing exists! No one can audit it because they want to hide everything from you, and pull the wool over your eye, and there is nothing to audit! They only go after those less intelligent or less discerning, more gullible or inexperienced! If you show you have a backbone or a noggin in that head of yours, you better believe they will oust you the very same day! They will ensure you are ousted from their cult! Try it! Show some guts! Ask the right questions! - I dare you! They will terminate you in a nanosecond, remove you from the Whatsapp Group you find yourself in; they will freeze your position and ban you from the meetings - no questions asked, and with no delay!

The whole Foundation gimmick is nothing but a hoax! She couldn't care less about anyone, but herself! But we can put as stop to her, and her low-life OneLife MobSquad, and together, we will! Her next moves are clear to me, but I will not divulge them now! The last time I exposed her plan of skipping off to her mansion in Peru, she tacked to the left, and crafted a Plan B! But I have her back-up plan as well… And a back up plan to that! So, please respect that some things need to remain secret just now, as I assure you: every communication I make on any which forum or medium is monitored by scores of key players and agencies on their side and ours. I assure you: we will ensure it lands in the right hands, and bring this to a final chapter, nailing this, once and for all! This war we will win! But I am calling all of you to not just be spectators, but participants!

Again, please sign my Petition on today to hold the OneLife MobSquad accountable! Be sure to state a comment as well, mentioning your own experience or that of someone you know, who is too blind and brain-dead to think or act for themselves!

No matter where you live in the world, you need to sign the Petition if you have any knowledge whatsoever about the OneLife / Onecoin! It is not exclusive to the U.K.! It is just that we spearheaded the case here. But we are working with dozens of countries around the world together on this! “Only be strong and very courageous (Joshua 1, 7).” Hold the MobSquad accountable! For more information and updates, you may visit my Facebook Page: Team Charisma - Exposing OneLife!

Lastly, I will be coming out with my new book by March 2017: How To Become Sovereign, Wealthy & Financially Free via Cryptocurrency! And of course, I will have a special bonus chapter in there, entitled 'My War Against OneCoin,’ where I can reveal more at that time! Everything I stated is 100% accurate, and is not sensationalistic - as jaw-dropping as some of this may seem. It will all be proven in the Court of Law and will be published in the news when everything comes to the fore and is out in the open! For now, we are still continuing this Mega-Investigation, and I do not want to jeopardize the serious work being done behind the scenes (more than I already have). Rest assured: Onecoin is DEAD…