Angelina Lazar, rogue economist and cryptocurrency revolutionary tells Cointelegraph all about her war with OneCoin. In Part 1 of her story, Lazar gave her view of OneCoin founder Ruja Ignatova. Here in Part 2, Angelina accuses Boyko Borisov, Prime Minister of Bulgaria, and the Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic of taking bribes from OneCoin, and asks what role Joe Biden, Vice President of the USA, had to play.

Cointelegraph: What happened after no one at meeting with OneCoin leaders can answer you who, after all, audits OneCoin?

Angelina Lazar: Riitta had escaped as soon as I began my presentation, slipping out, without me even noticing!

Only someone who knows OneCoin is an outright scam, who does not want to be found out, but wants to hide in the shadows, and put you on the front line, jeopardizing your credibility and life, but staying safe, themselves!  

Next, I arranged via Riitta a meeting with Petri Valila at the Burj Khalifa, who was her partner to meet with my Serbian Leader, Zoran Markovic, whom I'd invited to Dubai for the Training. Zoran represented an active payment processing platform, up and running in Serbia, with 80,000 merchants already, which would allow us to take the OneCoin live! I thought Ruja would jump at the opportunity, as I assumed this was the last piece of the puzzle she needed to legitimize the OneCoin! Petri was one of the first five people in OneCoin, and was the first to hold a meeting (which was in Finland), so, they had some seniority, but was it a rotten apple, as far as I was concerned. He acted as a gatekeeper, which I found extremely odd, as Riitta kept saying “There are those who decide whether or not someone would meet [Queen Witch Ruja]”, although she didn't use that exact terminology... I found that very bizarre and totally ridiculous! Soon, I found out that Ruja was petrified to meet me, and her mouth trembles whenever she says my name. She made sure, at all costs, that would never happen! But she'll  meet me at court, that's for sure!

I am on that witch's tail every step of the way, and will gladly slap down every one of her shenanigans fast, her head is spinning....

So, Zoran went to meet Ruja in Sofia, and I did not, as that was a taboo for the Witch! He later informed me that their meeting lasted only 15 minutes, that Ruja could not look them in the eye; and that she was totally not interested in taking the OneCoin live! Aha! ....

So, the ultimate goal then was only to extort money from people as fast as possible, to hold it as long as possible, and to stave off their being able to cash in their OneCoin NoCoins as long as they possibly could! - Red flag!... Game over! This was a hornet's nest I found myself in, and I could have nothing whatsoever to do with this veritable charade and sheer mega scam!

I surprisingly find out that all the top Anti-Leaders were meeting in Dubai during the Leadership Training Week I organized! Yet, not a single one of them came to the event! What kind of leadership was that!? I've never seen that before in the industry! Usually, the leaders are the stars of the show, are more than willing to motivate everyone; to train them, and give their raving testimonials, to teach the newbies the business and show them how to succeed! They are only more than happy to answer their questions and concerns! That is never a burden for them, but an honour and joy! - Not this MobSquad! They were there for their own selfish purposes and regular meeting! Dubai was their hideaway and oasis! At this particular time, they all had their accounts frozen, I discovered, so they were working with the authorities to get them unfrozen! Everything smelled of seriously bad fish at the seashore, on a piping hot Dubai day, where the stench just kept getting more and more rotten, you become nauseous!

No.... These were no leaders at all! They all had heads the size of football fields, exorbitant egos, zero interest in having anything whatsoever to do with their downlines; were very elitist snobbish, cold and calculating, heartless and cruel, thankless and bossy, full of themselves and distant to the n-th degree! These were another sort, and all that, I disdained and had no tolerance for! So, why were THEY running the show if they are not leaders? It soon became very clear! They were paid big money to do so; were serial criminals as well, and con-artists, shysters and mobsters, and birds of a feather with the MobSquad! Juha Parhiala is a Mob Boss and owns a percentage of the Company! Sebastian Greenwood is a known con-artist in the Industry, Kari Wahlroos smuggled hormones and alcohol in the 90s! I could go on and on about every member of the OneLife MobSquad and the Anti-Leaders who are the sort they need to protect them! They need eyes and ears on the ground to oust highly troublesome people like myself instantaneously! But I didn't go quietly, and I don't take their lead! I am a real leader, solid as can be, and deal only with righteous business models.... And if they dare to come my way, and try to use me to promote them, there will be serious repercussions, as I will not let that pass!

So, these anti-lie-aiders would keep tight control for the MobSquad! Anyone who started messing their nose where it definitely belonged, they would sack instantly (they don't wait), ousting them from the Whatsapp Team Group they're in, and banning them from the weekly meetings! They disavow for anyone to ask any questions or do their own research! This was a cult, and these were not leaders, but gatekeepers and spies for the mob! If you had a head on your shoulders and asked pointed, hardcore questions, you got the jilt, and they immediately removed you, no questions asked, and that, pronto, so you were cut off at the core! They did not want you spoiling their game! You had to go - no ifs, ands or buts! They had zero tolerance for anyone with judgement and discernment! Questions, they say, were to be taken up in private with your upline! But the upline NEVER made themselves available! This was the game and just a big hoax to get you out of their way and not open the eyes of the other sheeple! It was the gatekeeper's job to spy out everyone, and immediately oust the dissenters on the spot! Those were the orders! And that, they did.... across the globe, like gestapo's!

Cointelegraph: What actions have you taken so far against OneCoin? Expound upon that for us, would you?

Angelina Lazar: I argued with the London Metropolitan Police substantially before finally convincing them to take the case - as they wanted everything to go through Action Fraud, which I found to be far too ineffective for such a mega case that entailed a whole lot more than mere internet crime! This case, Iyke, is so massive, that people will drop their jaws when they finally discover the full magnitude of what we're onto! It is no small potatoes run o' the mill scam, but entails money laundering of millions of euros via the back offices of these mobsters, who are into drug trafficking and financing terrorists! You can guess which!... The closest thing I can liken this to is when John Gatti, the Mob Boss finally got arrested, convicted; and thrown in prison! But then again, that was just dealing with the New York Mob, which was on a much smaller scale than what we're talking about here! ...

In this insidious organized crime network are political leaders you all know and rogue agents that cover the expanse of the globe! This is not some trite lil' missy from Bulgaria who is at the top of some ponzi scheme! Rather, she is a pawn in a much larger, much more sinister crime ring that is at the level of illuminati global elitists and backstage world powers! I will even go so far as to say that we could easily have the international banksters behind this, who are trying to utilize the OneCoin vehicle to maintain hold over people's money with their centralization scheme, full secrecy (and total lack of transparency), so they can maintain an absolute grip and control over people's finances, as they do today! They just fool OneLifers into thinking they found an alternative to banking at long last! But nothing could be further from the truth! OneCoin is worse than any current banking system! They can freeze your account any time, with no repercussions as the dodo-brain members gave them licence to do so!  And when they freeze your account, they suspend it, and when they suspend it, they steal your money! And that was the name of the game all along! This is how they deal with dissenters, so everyone becomes too afraid to speak out, fight back, and report the criminals! They are enslaved and petrified, paralyzed and silenced, hoping against hope they will unfreeze their account so they can withdraw their money! This is the OneCoin business model, and that was it, all along! They never expected to come across a bulldog, named 'Angelina Lazar,' but did, and this is what will take them down..... All the way down! I will see to it!

So, I came to London from Dubai just before the OneCoin Global Event at Wembley Arena, and was arguing with the Metropolitan Police to intercept that charade, but it was only on June 10th that the Police finally understood and acquiesced, and the CID accepted the case! I needed them to handle it, and not just Action Fraud, which was too ineffective and did not have the capacity to deal with this! So, they have it on record that I was the first to report them. However alas, the next day was the London 'Coinmush' Event, so they were not able to organize themselves in time to raid the place. No matter....We were finally on track, and this paved the way now for others to report them to the Police, and file their complaints! The City of London Police have also recently opened an Investigation into OneCoin, and what they take on..... Well, let's just say, they are bulldogs like me!..... They will see it through to the end! And this is the end-game, rest assured! It is only a matter of time . . .

We've been receiving on a daily basis 100-200 complaints against OneCoin. Some long weekends, it can amount to 1,000 complaints! We have over 12,000 complaints; but I will take this opportunity to urge everyone to be sure to include their names when filing their complaints with the Police! Do not do it anonymously! And if you did, go back and put your name on it! This is extremely important if you want your complaint to be taken seriously, and in order to get these mobsters prosecuted to the full extent of the law! People should not be so lame, wishy-washy and without a backbone! That is pathetic! You need to fight for what you believe in, fight for your rights, your hard earned money and your commissions! All OneLifers need to hold these mafiozi accountable! That is how you fight a war, and I assure you, this is serious covert warfare carried out on a daily basis, with multiple intelligence agencies watching, law enforcement agencies engaged from around the world, and heads of secret service intently monitoring this blow by blow! This is not a small case, but the motherload of all crime cases, and will go down in history as unprecedented!

Next..... We took the case to Interpol Global, which was our secret weapon! This was a brilliant move on the part of my old friend and partner-in-anti-crime, Zlatko Djurisic, Ex-Chief Inspector against Organized Crime, Private Detective and Balkan Affairs Specialist (hailed so from the FBI to Mossad for his mastery and firm grip on the region), who works with the structures that be.

He made an impeccable move that totally pulled the rug out from underneath OneCoin!

I attribute that single move to be the key and critical factor of our having gained such huge leverage and control over the situation, spearheading it, and hitting it right out of the ballpark!  

I will reveal some tidbits, but this, what I'm about to divulge is something you will not hear anywhere else - as no one else would or could leak this information, so consider this an exclusive! When you digest this information, you will immediately understand the scope of this case, and OneLifers should finally understand what a pit they've fallen into - cause they sure haven't understood diddly squat up until now! . . . .

So, it came to my attention that Boris Boyko, the former Prime Minister of Bulgaria is intimately associated with OneCoin! Not only is he involved, but the Serbian President, Tomislav Nikolic received a bribe from the Crypto-Witch herself, as well!

This is now where things start to go haywire! As soon as I exposed him on my Facebook Page:Team Charisma - Exposing OneLife, Boyko called the Serbian President, who was in Rio de Janeiro, attending the Olympic Games! The President immediately rushed back to Belgrade to do crisis management! The next day, lo and behold, Joe Biden was in the Serbian President's office! And from there, they sent out the Minister of Internal Affairs, Nebojsa Stefanovic, directly to London, who came right into my partner's office, where he threatened us with a presidential arrest!

Djurisic calmly asked when we might expect that, as we would not be swayed, then he booted him out of the office! The Minister was furious and fit to be tied! He was incensed that my partner bypassed Serbian Interpol, as they had this covered! Both Bulgarian and Serbian Interpol received a bribe, and were under their control, protecting the OneLife MobSquad! OneCoin was cosy and safe to operate across these borders, free from any hindrance or potential prosecution..... That is, until we came along, and overrode them, going straight over their sorry heads! They did not know how to deal with the situation at this stage! Panic reigned! It was an all-out war! And has been to this day! . . .

Such a move was never taken into account! .... Just like they never expected the market to expose OneCoin, and help law enforcement with our serious inside information, knowledge of their inner workings and expertise in such a tech-savvy sector! This threw the whole thing out of kilter, and wreaked havoc on the OneLife MobSquad! They got frantic, and Ruja immediately hired 12 rogue ex-police officers and professional hackers, who she used as bodyguards for the London Global Event! They were each paid 1,000 Euros a day! They immediately quit once Boyko warned them my partner was involved and what that meant as he knew it well! They are too weak to fight us, so scrammed! Even the Serbian President told the Minister to give up the fight as it was useless to hit against us. Others quit as well! We have stayed the course, though, amidst huge hits, attacks and threats! We know we'll win! ...

Still, that very night, the Minister couldn't sleep, but was chain smoking all night long, our spies reported. The following day, he reappeared in my partner's office, this time, begging him for us to just stop, and pull the file! He could not return to Belgrade to meet with the President, without succeeding in his mission as many were involved, but I won't say more on that! We were relentless, put the pedal to the metal and were full steam ahead! I vowed to take this war all the way to the end no matter what! And that is what we're doing! . . . .

So, the next chess move from the OneLife MobSquad was to offer us a hefty bribe of 2 Million Euros….

To be continued