Anghami: Music Streaming Went Bit

Music streaming service that inhabits the mobiles of people from North Africa and Middle East has gone beyond the traditional payment and joined the cryptocommunity.

A smartphone running on iOS, Windows Phone, Android and Blackberry or even less favored Symbian and Asha are supported by the service. The Bitcoin will be the part of the ‘freemium’ model, which became both famous and notorious in the gaming world.

The freemium means that one can technically use a provided service for free, but the reasonable price of ‘premium’ account or subscription (that’s where the name originated) usually outweighs the restrictions that are imposed.

Every good idea is met with skepticism

When music streaming (and video streaming as well) was born as a way of media distribution there were a lot of skepticism regarding the viability of such technology. However, look at it now. Streaming has become our everyday life. I would go even further by saying that it is slowly getting its digital claws over the TV auditory.

Of course, television won’t perish in the next few years, but services that provide consumers with high-definition movies and series have already almost eliminated the rents that were once insanely popular. However, the time of VHS along with floppy disks and yoyos.

Mutual benefit

Co-founders, Elie Habib and Eddy Maroun of the Anghami have seen the pattern and believe that Bitcoin really is the next big thing for managing payments. Especially now, when much more data is being processed through our mobiles, “paying via your digital bitcoin wallet is a no brainer” – as said by Habib.

Maroun in his turn has a high opinion of Bitcoin, seeing how it is being embraced by entrepreneurs and tech-heads in every corner of the world. That is why he hopes that Anghami will not only benefit from the lowest possible transaction fees but will also promote Bitcoin to its clients, who haven’t joined the cryptocommunity yet.


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