On November 18, the first public information appeared about bitcoin exchange solution provider ANX International offering a full suite of blockchain solutions to make the use of bitcoin and blockchain easier. These solutions could promote bitcoin among companies within the traditional financial sector as they work in a similar way. Besides, companies are able to combine ANX’s solutions in a way that fits their business needs.

What is most interesting about ANX’s suite of services is that it is completely modular. That means each company is able to choose only those services they really need without having to pay for all of them. It’s actually convenient as each company is able to adjust the suite to its own budget. Companies can choose between separate services or combine them into modules however they like. This could really come in handy.

Ken Lo, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ANX INTERNATIONAL said:

“There is a growing demand for Blockchain solutions from all types of firms from listed companies requiring their own blockchain-based loyalty programs, to companies wanting to manage their own digital assets exchange, without the burden of hiring a large team to maintain their operations.”

Ken Lo, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of ANX INTERNATIONAL

The suite of services includes Digital Assets Debit Card Solutions, Digital Assets White Label Solutions, Advisory Services and Foreign Exchange and Remittance services. Furthermore, ANX can run some core operation services on behalf of the customer, including customer service, payment processing, KYC compliance, AML monitoring, wallet management and more.

ANX provides solutions that make working with Blockchain similar to working with traditional financial assets. This could actually attract some traditional market players to embrace this innovative technology as its use becomes familiar to them. However, some experts weren’t too enthusiastic about ANX’s new suite of solutions. Larry Pantlin, the owner of Capstone Digital Mining, told Cointelegraph:

“That is an interesting platform, it should do well. But I am already involved with an exchanger and I will not look to really change.”

ANX International is known for various innovations in the FinTech space. The company was first to offer a debit card for digital assets and a Vault mobile application for digital currencies. They also were the first to offer a multi-currency online digital assets exchange platforms, ANXBTC and ANXPro. That’s why ANX International was awarded the “Hong Kong’s Most Valuable Companies Award” earlier in the year.

Cointelegraph tried to reach out to the management of ANX International, but didn’t receive any comments at the time of publication.