When Cointelegraph last heard from the team at Dutch Bitcoin service provider BitPlaats.nl in January, they had expanded their Bitcoin vending platform into Belgium.

“As we became a more known Bitcoin seller, we started getting request from other European countries,” co-founder Bram Ceelen told Cointelegraph.

This is why the founding team decided to think bigger offering Bitcoin buying and selling to the whole of Europe, or at least as many European customers as possible.

That led them to create Anycoin Direct, a cryptocurrency trading platform that integrates with many of the continent’s payment systems to allow customers from all over Europe to buy and sell a variety of cryptocoins.

“[Via] the integration of several direct payment methods (iDEAL, Bancontact, Giropay and MyBank) and SEPA bank transfer, the service of Anycoin Direct is accessible for almost everyone in Europe,” Ceelen said.

Dealing With Legacy Direct Payment Systems

“The main focus of Anycoin Direct lies on speed and ease of use,” another co-founder, Lennert Vlemmings, aid in a statement last week.

“As soon as we receive a successful payment, the coins will automatically be sent to the customer’s address. In case of a SEPA order, the coins will be sent once your transfer has reached our bank account. Using our services, people can buy and receive cryptocurrency within 5 minutes.”

That variety of direct payment methods within Europe has long been a hassle in many industries. Cryptocoins by design render those systems moot, but buying into a cryptocoin network might not be so easy unless you have someone locally who will sell you coins for fiat cash.

Anycoin Direct works with Bitstamp and Cryptsy to facilitate the trades, and Ceelen said the company plans to announce further partnerships to offer a better price. He also said Anycoin Direct is working with a Dutch payments provider to integrate all of those direct payment systems.

“Anycoin Direct never controls money of customers (no fiat and no cryptocurrency), unlike most other services,” Ceelen said. “When a customer buys cryptocurrency through a direct payment method, the coins will automatically be sent to the customer’s wallet as soon as they finish the payment. Because of that, Anycoin Direct makes it possible to buy cryptocurrency within minutes, a process which can take hours/days with other services.”

At the moment, Anycoin Direct is charging a 0.3% fee in addition to whatever fee the payment processor charges when a user buys in, and a 1% fee whenever a user sells (there is no payment processor fee for a sale).

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