The decentralized corporate management platform Aragon has announced its partnership with ahead of its May crowdsale.

Aragon, which caters specifically to decentralized and other nontraditional forms of business structure, will now be able to offer increased mobile device control for users.

Status is a multifaceted tool which incorporates an Ethereum wallet and messenger, app browser and trading facility.

“Up to this point, we have only been available on Linux, MacOS, Windows and web browsers, leaving out some 2.3 bln smartphone users,” Aragon CEO Luis Cuende said in an accompanying press release.

“It was the need for bringing Aragon to mobile, without the excessive development hurdles of building native Android and iOS applications, which inspired our collaboration with Status.”

The Spain-based startup announced earlier this month that its token sale would open May 17. An “uncapped” number of tokens will go on sale on this date, with funds to be used exclusively “to continue building Aragon Core and the Aragon Network, a token-governed digital jurisdiction, to resolve core governance issues and increase efficiency,” the press release states.

Singapore-based Status meanwhile is eyeing Aragon as a messenger to expand the use of DApps further afield.

“Aragon is one of the projects we are most excited about in the entire space,” co-founder Jarrad Hope said.

“The ability to form borderless organizations, instantaneously and at a fraction of the transaction costs of traditional infrastructure will foster entrepreneurship on a global scale.”