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The bear market has been tough on investors — but it's also been difficult for hard-working professionals who keep crypto businesses running.

Some of the biggest names in the industry have announced layoffs in recent months — OpenSea, and Coinbase among them. In some cases, people who had accepted new roles saw job offers rescinded.

But could the crypto winter be the hottest time to hire new talent? That's the topic of Cointelegraph's latest live ask-me-anything session with CoinsPaid.

Our very own Rachel Wolfson is joined by the crypto payment ecosystem's co-founder and CEO, Max Krupyshev, to discuss how his company is navigating the current market turbulence. And despite Bitcoin's value falling substantially this year, he'll reveal how CoinsPaid hasn't just managed to maintain its entire team… but expand.

Right now, the company says that it's got about 50 open positions across different departments — including engineering, sales and marketing, and business development. And as CoinsPaid opens up into new regions, it's seeking the best talent worldwide. This company believes layoffs in the sector are an opportunity — as talented specialists who were working for rivals are now entering the market and open to new opportunities.

Doings things differently

Cointelegraph viewers watching live on YouTube will be able to submit their questions to Krupyshev. And during the conversation, he'll be revealing how CoinsPaid has been doing things differently to competitors, and has achieved stability despite the crypto winter.

Businesses all too often neglect making their workforce feel valued and united — and instead focus on short-term profit. This can cause burnout, and that's why CoinsPaid regards a work-and-fun balance as crucial. Regular team building and corporate events are organized to boost morale and keep employees engaged, ensuring everyone feels a part of something bigger and meaningful.  

And despite the great uncertainty facing crypto workers right now, Krupyshev says CoinsPaid takes pride in making employees feel secure, motivated and eager to reach new highs. There's a focus on building long-term relationships and investing in professional development.

Overall, CoinsPaid said that its people are the company's biggest asset — and employees should be trusted and given the freedom to make choices and take responsibility. 

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Bear markets are for building

The AMA will offer fascinating insights that all crypto businesses can learn from. From cultivating a strong corporate culture, to creating a sustainable model in both bear and bull markets, this livestream is shaping up to be a must watch. 

Bear markets are for building — and Krupyshev is also on hand to explain the biggest challenges regarding mass adoption, whether the need for resilient crypto payment platforms is expanding, CoinsPaid's future goals, and some of the most compelling use cases for this platform. 

Is there anything else you'd like to know? Make sure you join the YouTube chat room and pop your questions there.

CoinsPaid's live AMA takes place on Friday at 10:30am ET (2:30pm UTC.) Head on over to Cointelegraph's YouTube page and smash those like and subscribe buttons for all our future videos and updates.

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