It’s becoming a bit old hat, but another rags to riches story has surfaced with links to cryptocurrencies. A man from Melbourne has recently made headlines after investing $2,000 in Ethereum and discovering a return of over $1 mln.

After doing a bit of research, the fitness instructor purchased Ethereum four years ago with some money he had saved, buying more than 5,000 ETH with the $2,000. He was intrigued by cryptocurrencies and felt Ethereum was a good bet. 

However, as with most 21-year-olds, Jordan Travers forgot about the money he’d invested until Ethereum started making headlines around the world. He logged into his wallet to discover that he was suddenly quite a bit better off than he had thought, with a sum over $1 mln. 

The young man says he will invest some of his profits into starting a business and plans to travel a bit as well. 

The meteoric rise in cryptocurrencies has and will continue to make unlikely millionaires. With Bitcoin in the news, Ethereum and other altcoins may become the greater vehicles for opportunities like this in the future.