A decentralized sharing economy protocol that’s home to a vibrant eports platform has announced that it is planning to roll out DeFi and NFT functionality.

The flagship DApp on TimeCoinProtocol is eSportStars — a platform that unites professional players with fans. A plethora of top games are supported… including Fortnite, Call of Duty Mobile, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Through eSportStars, enthusiasts can participate in tournaments for all of these games — and the alpha version of the DApp has already attracted 10,000 users. A flurry of new features will be added in the coming months to make the platform a place where users can interact and enjoy each other’s company. Multi-language support across 31 countries is in the pipeline, and executives plan to register more than 1,000 games from around the world.

The eSportStars team says users also want to play games with highly skilled professionals, enabling them to learn new tricks and receive coaching that will improve their strategy. Over time, it’s hoped that the platform will become a pillar of the sharing economy — specializing in games and offering a user interface where like-minded individuals can compete. It’ll also give amateur gamers a chance to receive recognition and notoriety for their talent.

Taking on YouTube

Another objective is attracting influencers — and wrestling away market share from the likes of YouTube. In time, eSportStars hopes to offer talent contracts that will enable content creators to earn a living without having to sacrifice a substantial chunk of their fees to a tech giant.

Influencers will be paid using TimeCoin tokens — an Ethereum-based, native token at the beating heart of the TimeCoinProtocol. This cryptocurrency serves as a means of payment for goods and services in all of the DApps built on this network, including eSportStars, creating a world where you can pay to play games with top YouTubers one on one.

One area that’s aggressively being explored is the power of non-fungible tokens, which have the potential to transform the world of gaming beyond recognition. Until now, gamers had little ownership over the in-game items they purchased — and these assets couldn’t be moved from game to game… or sold on to others. NFTs can unlock all of these features and more — enabling eSportStars to serve as a marketplace.

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Fixing the sharing economy

According to the team behind TimeCoinProtocol, many of the best-known sharing economy platforms — including Fiverr, Uber, Airbnb and WeWork — are broken. Such platforms have established dominance in their respective sectors, meaning that it’s hard for competitors to attract buyers and sellers.

TimeCoinProtocol aims to make it easy for developers and entrepreneurs to create their very own sharing economy app or service — and it’s hoped that the continued success of eSportStars will help contribute to the popularity of the wider platform.

Globalway, the company behind TimeCoinProtocol, is already behind the popular ecosystem TimeTicket — a platform where people can buy and sell time in 30-minute increments, sharing skills and exchanging knowledge. The vision is simple: To ensure that individual potential can become someone’s value. TimeTicket already boasts more than 450,000 users in its bustling marketplace, all of whom will be given the opportunity to make the most of TimeCoinProtocol once it’s transformed into a DApp.

TimeCoin is already listed on BitForex and is scheduled to be listed on BitMart on March 24.

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