The Bitcoin Expo, which is slated for March 1-15, 2015 will no longer be in its physical form and will be converted into a completely virtual event. The Expo will be held online only, and thus, will be accessible to the community around the world.

Cointelegraph is proud to announce that it will be an official media sponsor of the event.

Virtual Bitcoin Expo is a result of the cooperation between Bitcoin Colombia, Ferias Virtuales and Mundo Bitcoin. As stated by the organizers, even though the Expo was created by Latin Americans, its main purpose is to become a worldwide event and reach out to the every business accepting bitcoins regardless of geographical location.

The organizers explain their idea as follows:

“We decided to do this expo not physical, but 100% virtual, so we are coherent with the Bitcoin philosophy of worldwide reaching.”

Their goal, they say, is to encourage all kinds of companies and services which accept Bitcoin to join the expo and become an exhibitor in order to help the community to expand its knowledge of the services and products that can be purchased with bitcoins.

The global and virtual character of this expo will present the Bitcoin enterprise in a more interesting way. The organizers add:

“Besides we hope to bring new users from the social media promoting and investors from other currencies who get interested in this ecosystem.”

Thanks to Expo’s virtual character, the visitor’s entrance will be free of charge. The schedule of the Expo is planned for 24 hours on fixed and Mobile devices. Virtual Bitcoin Expo will be conducted in English and Spanish. What is more, all stands will be available in 3D on the online platform. Its easy interface and intuitive navigation will allow the visitors to gain more information about Bitcoin enterprise from the entrepreneurs in real time.

The organizers underline the other Virtual Bitcoin Expo’s advantage - its competitive prices. It is not only a result of transferring the expo to the virtual world, but also a good way to encourage whole community to get involved in this event for a lower price.

Virtual Bitcoin Expo will not lack any part of its physical version. The creators want to present this online fair as an easily accessible virtual city, where the visitors will have a chance to listen to many speakers, participate in the conferences and get in touch with an endless amount of potential clients and customers.

- Blueprint for the Bitcoin City

The virtual platform thanks to the use of new technologies will allow clients to create business strategies, measure the effectiveness of advertising and interact with each other.

The Expo also offers online support, online display of products and services, chats and video calls between exhibitor and visitor, and much more.

The organizers provide the servers, which will allow 10 thousand visitors to use the platform simultaneously. Everyone has a possibility to become a sponsor and/or buy a virtual stand. As Virtual Bitcoin Expo will be held online, there is no space or place limit.

More information about Virtual Bitcoin Expo available on the official website, on Facebook, Twitter and Youtube

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