Update:  We have been informed that the alumni that encouraged Indian Mountain School was none other that BTCS CEO Charles Allen.

Education and bitcoin seem to be on a roll. First, there was Canada's McGill University students receiving free bitcoins and bitcoin education. Next, there was a Princeton professor giving free Bitcoin classes in a virtual classroom.

Now, there is a boarding/vocational school accepting donations in Bitcoin. Indian Mountain School, which covers from pre-Kindergarten education up to the ninth grade, is now accepting Bitcoin donations through payment processor GoCoin.

The school hasn't set up a button with GoCoin just yet, preferring instead to have potential donors call and ask for an invoice to be sent to them. Indian Mountain School sees itself as a progressive school technologically, and had some alumni ask that digital currencies be added as a donation option. They do not foresee the amount of donations getting to the point where a button is needed, but said it would be great if the Bitcoin community proved them wrong in that assessment.

As far as anyone can tell, this is the first time Bitcoin donations have been accepted by a grade school, albeit a private institution. GoCoin also enables payments and donations in Litecoin and Dogecoin, but it is unclear at this time if Indian Mountain School will accept those digital currencies.

Indian Mountain School

Indian Mountain School is located in Lakeville, Connecticut and does both boarding and day schooling for boys and girls from pre-Kindergarten to ninth grade. It is located in two campuses across 600 acres, according to its website.

Readers interested in proving the Bitcoin community's generosity are encouraged to call 1-860-435-0871 ext. 140 to speak to Indian Mountain School's Chief Financial Officer, David Fiorillo. This is just the kind of new and different place to see bitcoin being accepted at that keeps this space exciting to watch. 

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