Amid Bitcoin fraud accusations by US financial giants, a 2015 countermove by Max Keiser seems more relevant than ever.

The economist and Russia Today TV host Max Keiser called Wall Street bankers and senior financial figures “terrorists” in an impassioned speech at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Discussing the issue, Keiser, who is known for his Bitcoin advocacy and contempt for traditional financial structures, said the entire US financial norm dominated by Wall Street is a “fraud.”

The comments are pertinent again this month as a response to those made by JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who applied the term to Bitcoin itself.

“Wall Street is fraud. America is fraud. The world is fraud. Banks are fraud. Central banks are fraud. We live in an era of fraud,” he told the audience.

“It’s all based on fraud and they get a percentage of that fraud; that’s the business model.”

As Keiser continued railing against legacy money, he became increasingly more agitated, ensuring this particular speech was one to remember.

“...We live in an era dominated by financial terrorists; terrorists, terrorists! Jihadis of banking - they’re here to kill you and themselves!”

“How are we going to stop it?” he continued. “There’s only one way to stop it: raise interest rates right now! Make the cost of terrorism too high! Do it today! If you don’t you’re a f*cking terrorist!”

Post-Dimon, a repost of the clip has seen the clip go viral a second time.