The future of Bitcoin for well-known blogger and commentator Beautyon includes “exponential” price and zero centralization.

That’s according to answers given when a journalist got in touch to discuss what the virtual currency might look like in years to come.

The editor of Bitcoin Think is well-known for forming a hardline stance against attempts to centrally control aspects of the Bitcoin network, openly criticizing moves by the industry’s biggest names and businesses.

What does the future look like for Bitcoin

A February blog post on the SegWit debate labeled Barry Silbert’s Digital Currency Group “dangerous” and “reckless” for its style of criticism published previously.

“It is only difficult to know what to support if you don’t understand Bitcoin and what improvements Segregated Witness (SegWit) offers,” the post read.

In the future, Beautyon says, Bitcoin will have “prevented” its “corporate takeover,” while the likelihood of a future takeover will be “greatly decreased.”

The full list of answers appeared as a tweet Friday.