Bitcoin continues to draw supporters from around the globe. As Bitcoin price increases and new users begin to understand the technology and security of cryptocurrencies, the world is beginning to rally around Bitcoin. This is no more clear than the sudden jump in attendees for the Bitcoin meetup in Malta, the small island nation in the Mediterranean.

The annual event has suddenly doubled its registration list and continues to grow. The meeting is designed to increase the understanding of Bitcoin in Malta and around Europe.

The stated goal of the conference is to “promote Bitcoin, ideas to install BTM’s, and Bitcoin acceptance and consulting services and private investing.”

Increasing interest

The meeting, which will occur on June 30, is the culmination of a series of smaller meetings on the island of Gozo in the same area. The organizers are hoping to continue increasing attendance as the Bitcoin community in the area continues to grow. Attendees are coming from all around the area, and Europe as well.

The continued rise in grassroots movements reflects the very nature of cryptocurrencies and their decentralization. For more information, check out their Facebook page, or do a quick search on Bitcoin communities in your area.