Entrepreneur Kim Dotcom has released a sneak preview into how his Megaupload 2 and Bitcache tools will work for users.

In an introductory video released via Twitter on Sunday, Dotcom explained how users will be able to upload content to share and select whatever price they choose.

The website for his product describes itself as “trusted global distribution of digital goods.”

In the video, Dotcom appears to demonstrate Bitcache as a means of collecting revenue from self-published content.

“It can either be [from] Megaupload or any other file-hosting or streaming site on the Internet,” he explained.

The tool visibly involves the direct implementation of a Bitcoin address, which users will need for receiving payments after submitting content. Wallets can be created from within the Bitcache client.

“The coolest thing about this is that the uploader decides the price point,” Dotcom continued. “So this can be basically a two-penny file, or it can be a $2 file or it can be a $20 file - it’s up to you.”

Dotcom himself meanwhile is currently in the midst of further legal complications arising from his previous Megaupload project.

Having been de facto cleared of copyright infringement under New Zealand law in a trial, he is still wanted in the US for related issues, the country seeking his extradition.

A film about his problems recently premiered at a film festival in Texas.