Bitcache News

Bitcache is a platform providing the ability to make microtransactions in Bitcoin. The developers of this service were trying to solve the problem of monetization of file sharing services and news websites via blockchain. It means that creators of content such as music, videos, etc. are able to receive payments of even less than a dollar from their audience. The launch of Bitcache is planned for 2018 along with the Bitcache ICO, so anyone interested in Bitcache can invest. The creator of the idea is German-Finnish internet entrepreneur and political activist Kim Dotcom, who is popular for founding Megaupload — a file-hosting service. There is no Bitcache website yet. Nevertheless, according to Kim Dotcom, the audience is going to like the service, as it is able to process over one million transactions instantly and every time content is shared, the user will be rewarded.