While fighting the U.S. in a New Zealand courtroom, Kim has seen fit to launch a funding campaign for his newest project, MegaUpload 2 (MU2) and BitCache, on BnkToTheFuture.

Over the weekend, Kim’s project was funded successfully. Kim spoke with Cointelegraph about what comes next.  

Beat the clock

Kim Dotcom seems to constantly defy the odds. Whether it is the amount of traffic and hype he can generate or the mountains he climbs in fighting the U.S. Government head-on, Kim Dotcom is a whirlwind of news, big dreams, and publicity.

Given his name recognition, it might have been quite embarrassing to not reach his funding target by the October 24th deadline, but he did reach approximately $1 million USD with a couple of days to spare. The first $500k or so was made exclusively through Bitcoin investment, but Kim added bank transfers thereafter when investors mentioned they either were not familiar with obtaining Bitcoin, or it would take too long to do before the deadline. This surely helped him reach his goal within the given timeframe, as well.

MegaUpload 2 and BitCache on BnkToTheFuture

His pitch now sits at $1,150,000 USD, with a few hours left. Kim spoke to Cointelegraph about what comes next, not that money is not an object in making his dreams a reality.

“The next steps: Prepare sites for launch, order hosting and bandwidth, increase development team and build the Bitcoin rocket! We are all really excited about taking Bitcoin to the next level.”

Kim set a launch date for Megaupload 2.0 of January 20, 2017. It will come with many interesting little features like offering a white-label option, so you can tie into their hosting service while adding your own domain name for free. MU2 is being billed as an anonymous cloud sharing, anti-surveillance video hosting, Bitcoin-caching online service.

“I want to take Bitcoin mainstream,” Kim Dotcom told Max Keiser on The Keiser Report. “In order to do that, we need to have a really powerful, popular site that can carry Bitcoin to the next level, and I believe that Mega Upload 2 can be that site. I believe at some point, we will have hundreds of millions of users. MegaUpload is more than a business; it’s a movement.”

BitCache is designed to make online file sharing and microtransactions for those files the next Bitcoin mainstream application for 2017. According to Kim, there will be millions of Bitcoin microtransactions that will be handled off-chain, at an average or default transaction cost of $0.05, making security issues a mute point.

“It's about more than sharing files. It’s about Internet freedom. It's about technology providing us with our basic human rights that the laws aren’t protecting anymore. We are using technology to make sure that users can interact privately, that their files are not intercepted and spied on, and it's happening with Bitcoin. I want Bitcoin to be the next big thing, way bigger than it already is.”