The mysterious Bitcoin wallet that surged up the ranks to become the third-largest holder of Bitcoin (BTC) in the world in just over three months, has been identified.

According to data from crypto statistics platform BitInfoCharts, the wallet address first received Bitcoin on March 8. Over the course of the next three months and two weeks, the wallet had accrued a staggering 118,000 BTC — worth $3.08 billion at current prices.

The mysterious wallet has accrued 118,000 BTC in less than four months. Source: BitInfoCharts

The rapid and significant accrual of Bitcoin within a single wallet address attracted its fair share of conjecture at the time.

Some users suggested it was most likely a crypto exchange moving funds, while some more radical members of Crypto Twitter posted a more wild theory — suggesting BlackRock was the prime suspect.

The theory is not based on any solid evidence, even though many shared their support of it by posting pictures of a large black rock.

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The mystery appears to now be solved, however, with blockchain intelligence platform Arkham Intelligence labeling the wallet as Robinhood: Jump Trading Custody. 

Screenshot of Bitcoin wallet starting bc1q1. Source: Arkham Intelligence

The current largest Bitcoin wallets in the world, according to BitInfoCharts, are reportedly owned by Binance and Bitfinex — as Bitcoin cold wallets.

The Robinhood wallet comes in third place, and is then followed by another Binance cold wallet in fourth place.

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Update (Aug. 23, 11:00 pm UTC): This article has been updated to include the latest information from Arkham Intelligence.