Two students of Penn State have started a club that focuses on the building of future for the Bitcoin while doing some charity on their way.

Cryptocurrencies can be anything you believe them to be, from the Ponzi scheme for losers to the actual mean of profit. For Ryan McCabe and Patrick Cines digital coins are the future of the global economics that’s already one step in the present. This pair has co-founded the Bitcoin Club of Penn State University and joining with another four enthusiasts with various backgrounds they are planning on a more philanthropic means of raising the popularity of the Bitcoin.

As for co-founders – Cines, the president of the club, made a small fortune on mining the digital gold, while McCabe (vice president) invested $2,500 directly into the cryptocurrency and anticipates to profit from it in the following months.

Nevertheless, the numbers on their bank accounts or digital wallets are not the Club’s goal that being the support of the small businesses. As Cines puts it: “Small businesses are one of the cornerstones of America, so it would only be fair that we continue to support small businesses by helping them prosper.”

The idea is making these “cornerstones of America” more profitable by implementing Bitcoin into their infrastructure. Cines also sees the mass propaganda against cryptos made by governments as limiting factor to the widespread of Bitcoin. He intends with the help of the club to show people that Bitcoin is not a dead branch of financial evolution, but instead its next step.

That said, promotion and implementation of the digital coins among merchants is not the only business Cines wants the club to be associated with. Much more noble, if I may say, is their wish to support charity by donating Bitcoin to philanthropic organizations. The closest probably being the annual Penn State “THON”, which raise almost thirteen million dollars for the Four Diamonds Fund, which is dedicated to children suffering from cancer.

Both the co-founders are so optimistic about the Bitcoin that they are attempting to make their relatives to embrace it. McCabe, for example, persuaded his father to buy a mining rig this Christmas, which has already returned almost half of its price.

If only there were more people like these guys in the governments, then the Bitcoin would be that much closer to the future they want and deserve.