The leading exchange services of the world have gained their status due to public accessibility provided to customers from different countries. It is not a secret that because of banning activities and prohibitions issued by officials and central banks local companies gain the required momentum for development.

Mexico is one of the countries that lacked a native exchange service. The company Bitso aims to become first by outplaying several competitors, who work on the finalization of the platform.

The exchanger is going to handle two currencies – the pair formed by the Bitcoin and the Mexican Peso. The team declared its vision and placed it on the homepage:

“, the first Mexican Bitcoin exchange, will facilitate the use of Bitcoin as a mechanism for substantially improving the efficiency of this vast economic flow by significantly decreasing the costs and increasing the speed of transactions.”

Homemade Heroes

The startup has been generated by CEO Pablo González Delezé, having a huge experience in the entertainment branch, and CTO Ben Peters, an IT specialist. Delezé explains the idea:

“Bitcoin is a global currency, which enables immediate transactions directly between two people, no matter where they are in the world. Fully realized, Bitcoin will fuel a truly global economy, since it has the potential to give the general public access to the kind of financial tools that, until now, have only been available to banks.We built Bitso to promote and develop this exciting technological achievement in Mexico – a country tipped as one of the next economic powerhouses.”

As the launch date is not announced, the potential users are offered to go through the registration routine to receive all news and updates of statuses. The duo continues:

“Bitso is passionate about the future of Bitcoin, and bringing to Mexico a safe, secure and easy to use platform for trade and remittance via this exciting new medium.”

Slumbering Competitors

Deleze and Peters are not the only enthusiasts, who recognized the empty niche in the Mexican online finance. About a month ago several similar announcements were made on Reddit, claiming the possible and soon launch of a local Bitcoin exchange service.

MexBT has even succeeded to start its homepage ambitiously promising to cover the whole Latin America. The surname of the owner or possible developer is Gabrielle, but not to be hasty he is not going to promote the idea with a beta version. Some evidence proves that the company is from the Seedcoin Incubator Fund supported by Havelock Investments.

Coincove project has also revealed its presence around a month ago. The Reddit topic is started by one of the members of the team, so it can be followed for the most actual and topical news from the company.

In any case the Cointelegraph is going to follow the race to provide its readers with most accurate news on the success of any mentioned company.