A month after Charlie Shrem resigned his post at the Bitcoin Foundation, the group announced that it has begun trying to find a replacement for him, and that process could take up to two months.

Pete Rizzo reports that the hunt for a new board member began on February 18, when the foundation officially announced that there would be a formal schedule for voting on the replacement.

Shrem’s departure came days after his arrest and charges of facilitating money laundering on the Silk Road.

A second board member’s seat became available earlier this week when embattled Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles resigned his position at the Bitcoin Foundation.

Shrem’s arrest and Mt. Gox’s implosion have made times tough on the Bitcoin Foundation.

“Whoever takes [my] place needs to be a leader,” Shrem told CoinDesk. “Someone who holds the foundation at a standard of excellence and who realizes that the foundation represents what people think of bitcoin. This power does come with an immense amount of responsibility.”

The foundation’s executive director, Jon Matonis, described an ideal candidate as having good communication skills.

“A good candidate would understand bitcoin’s fundamental importance in the world and have a demonstrated capability of articulating that vision to a global audience,” Matonis said.

Bitcoin Foundation members will be the ultimate deciders of who fills the seat. Voting will take place April 21.