The Australian based BitPOS has announced wooCommerce and Magento plug-in support, potentially opening up bitcoin payments for thousands of smaller online shops. 

wooCommerce is a plug-in that adds an integrated e-commerce store to any Wordpress site. Magento on the other hand, is a stand-alone website store creation platform owned by eBay. 

Magento is used by over 182,000 sites worldwide and wooCommerce boasts a user base of over 245,000. Neither platform supported Bitcoin before the release of BitPOS' plug-ins. 

What this means in a nutshell, is that BitPOS is potentially opening up an entire new market to bitcoin payments. Magento and wooCommerce make it easy for website owners to create a virtual storefront, now it is easy to integrate bitcoin payments into their existing infrastructure. 

The plug-ins have been posted on GitHub, websites looking to take advantage of it must first become a BitPOS member and then can easily install the plug-ins to their site and begin accepting Bitcoins that are paid out in local currencies every 24 hours. 

BitPOS focuses not only on making it easy for virtual storefronts to accept bitcoins, but is also one of the first companies in Australia providing set-ups for physical storefronts wishing to accept Bitcoin. Companies simply need BitPOS front end and app installed on a tablet and they can easily accept Bitcoin denominated in Australian dollars (or other local currency).