Several users of the black market website recently closed the Silk Road have been arrested in the United Kingdom.

After taking in custody Ross Ulbricht on the 2nd of October and before his first hearing on the 9th four regular and experienced users of the website Silk Road were arrested for illegal deals. Three of them are younger than 30 and from Manchester, the last – from Devon and older than 50 years. The NCA or the National Crime Agency sized them as the leading users of the Silk Road from the UK.

The Agency plans more arrest in the further weeks and warns that the Global network is not a black hole, no security measures can help criminals escape from the court or penalty. There does not exist total anonymity on the Internet that cannot be covered up with special measures and instruments. There will always be marks and prints of presence enough for evidence. Users were detected in United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Canada, Sweden, France, Russia, Italy, and the Netherlands. In several months millions of massages were sent via the massaging system of the homepage Silk Road. Even if it equals to the amount of deals it opens up a global criminal web.

The main problem to consider is that digital black market examples are connected to physical market units and particular illegal deeds. In general the Internet makes easier to perform drug dealing, weapon sale, kidnapping, enslavement, selling of people, pedophilia, pornography and other criminal deeds. Silk Road indeed featured drug selling – LSD, cannabis, cocaine, heroin and others. About 340 types of drugs were offered to the Internet community. Also between offers of guns and other mass weapons were offers of killers and assassins. Pictures and video of child pornography was also sold. Among smaller crimes were offers of stolen or false credit cards and other documents.

The site had more than 10000 sellers. These extraordinary and harmful offers neighbored to simple stationary, books, food, jewelry, clothing, footwear, sportswear, children goods, food, drinks and other commonly used things.

The NCA doubts that the imprisoned users of the website Silk Road entered this site to buy legal matters. Their profiles and arresting history, as well as investigations are proof enough for the court. This is an example how traditional organized crime infiltrates the Internet; the Global Web becomes an advanced instrument in the hands of drug, human dealers, killers and other criminals.

Currently the Internet still is the weakest point to perform public security. Many aspects of it still should be considered by individuals – do not enter these kinds of homepages, do not register there, do not buy or sell goods there.

The problem currently is that new similar resources are popping out on the Internet. Silk Road is already replaced by two of them. Ones previously closed by the FBI because of physical and traceable payment like PayPal and WesternUnion use the methods of Silk Road. The Guardian says that many more could appear in the closest times.