Blockchain-powered freelancers marketplace Moonlighting is set to migrate its 700,000 user accounts to Eos (EOS) developer’s protocol. The development was announced in a press release shared with Cointelegraph on April 11.

Moonlighting’s move comes as part of a new strategic partnership with’s venture capital fund Eos VC Fund and fintech incubator and VC fund FinLab AG. A joint venture between the two funds, FinLab Eos VC Fund, led a $5 million investment round to back Moonlighting’s move to the Eos blockchain and grow its user base, Coindesk further reports.

The press release specifies that the new partnership will see Moonlighting incorporate — a blockchain protocol designed to support decentralized apps (DApps) at scale — into its existing Blockchain Profile Management System.

In using the protocol, Moonlighting user profiles will reportedly preserve key hiring data such as reviews, referrals and endorsements, as well as verification of users’ qualifications.

The Eos-powered blockchain profiles will also support Moonlighting’s mobile management tool set, which enables freelancers to generate proposals, invoices and mobile payments.

As previously reported, a fresh analysis has indicated that the number of active DApp users on Eos was eclipsed by Tron (TRX) in Q1 2019, with the latter now seeing the fastest-growing DApp user base. Ethereum (ETH), where the DApp user base growth has reportedly recently been shrinking, nonetheless continues to host the highest number of DApps overall, although the analysis claimed that many are inactive.

In contrast, an earlier report — based on data from January — suggested that the Eos network accounted for 48% of DApp users, Tron 24% and Ethereum 28%.