Blockchain-based traceability platform VeChain will be used to power the issuance of a limited-edition run of licensed Nike Air Max 1 shoes.

Announced on June 24, Australian shoemaker Chase Shiel and retailer The Kickz Stand have partnered to produce a limited run of the sneakers — which are also based on Stussy’s ‘SB Dunk’ shoe that was launched in 2005.

The shoes will go on sale from June 28 and will be sold exclusively through Chase Shiel’s website.

VeChain authenticates custom footwear

The Kickz Stand announced the upcoming limited release of the Air Max 1-inspired shoes on June 24, with a tweet emphasizing that the shoes will be traced using VeChain’s ToolChain Suite and Thor Blockchain.

The Australian shoemaker first revealed that they were partnering with VeChain in November 2019, tweeting that the traceability platform would be leveraged to prove authenticity and fight counterfeit products.

Chase Shiel’s shoes are shipping with VeChain’s tracking chip, which allows customers and retailers to access detailed product information by scanning a QR code.

While the decision to work with a licensed shoe manufacturer to ensure the authenticity of non-genuine Nike’s may amuse some, Redditor ‘Nopers5’ believes the blockchain firm is angling to get a call from Nike proper once they spot VeChain’s work with licensees:

“This is the best strategy by Vechain. Target the small shoe companies that have released Nike licensed products, and maybe eventually Nike comes calling.”

VeChain expands food tracing in China

At the start of this month, VeChain announced partnerships with Walmart subsidiary and premium shopping chain Sam’s Club and the Shenzhen Yuhongtai Foods Company.

The collaboration with Sam’s Club will see a modified version of ToolChain employed to track a variety of food products across their supply chain for Sam’s Club, while ToolChain will be used to track pork products for Yuhongtai’s retailer, Meijiada Fresh Foods.

On June 20, VeChain’s medical data management platform ‘I-Dante’ was also launched at the Mediterranean Hospital in the Republic of Cyprus.