BlockTrust launches the first all-inclusive funding platform for Blockchain projects with project certification and ClearingHouse notarization services, along with multi-sig Bitcoin escrow.

Freshly announced crowdfunding platform BlockTrust, aims to become the best intermediary between Blockchain-based projects and angel investors. "BlockTrust is a service aimed at providing a powerful solution for Blockchain entrepreneurs," stated CEO and co-founder Artiom Vontolazko.

"Those entrepreneurs are in need of a secure, easy to use platform to fund their projects. We provide that while contributing to a fraud-free environment that traders and investors can take advantage of, rather than being taken advantage of."

BlockTrust's team will examine every project and review them for integrity, feasibility and security. Further, the team will also verify the developer's identity, review the project's source code and assist entrepreneurs with securing funding.

Projects that meet BlockTrust's requirements are granted a certificate of integrity and are then listed on its website. An article detailing the project is added to the relevant page with an interview conducted with the lead developer and team-members via Google Hangout or Skype. BlockTrust's Certification Package costs 1 BTC, payable up front. The service refuses refunds if requirements are not met.

Another service offered by BlockTrust is the Crowdfunding Package, which costs 5 BTC + 2% of the crowdfund deducted upon completion of service. In addition to the initial offerings included in the Certification Package, the Crowdfunding Package also offers a featured "Certified Crowd Offering" page with project specific content. It will offer secure fund management through 3 out of 3 multi-sig wallets where BlockTrust will act as a co-signer to ensure that funds are released in stages defined by project implementation, and iHash lifetime multipool.

Information gathered is notarized through the ClearingHouse protocol on the Viacoin Blockchain for "cryptographic time-stamping of digital assets and documents," as described by Viacoin.

Viacoin is a cryptocurrency, which was introduced in July, aside with ClearingHouse, a decentralized asset issuance and Blockchain notary service.  It also hired Bitcoin core developer Peter Todd as Chief Scientist and advisor back in August.

BlockTrust is launching a messaging app that allows in-app transactions with SendChat's crowd fund. "We are delighted to work with BlockTrust because their crowd funding platform has the most advanced security features in the market giving our investors the best protection," stated SendChat's founder Alejandro De La Torre.

BlockTrust is a partner of Arch Ventures, a venture capital company based on the Blockchain that funds innovative solutions and real life applications of the Bitcoin technology. The VC firm's portfolio includes Moby, a designer modular suite that uses smart property through Archcoin's blockchain, and iHash, a merged mining multipool.

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