Earlier today, March 10th, 2020, Brave announced a partnership with TAP Network which will allow its users to redeem their Basic Attention Tokens for “for real-world rewards” offered by 250,000 brands that are a part of the network.

Access to rewards is limited to US users

The announcement says that Brave users in the U.S. will be able to redeem their BATs for “tokens for gift cards from hundreds of top national brands”. These brands include Uber, Starbucks, Xbox, Playstation, Hulu, HBO, Amazon, Apple, Target, and Walmart.

Cointelegraph reached out to Brave to clarify whether this new benefit will be available to the U.S. users only. Brave’s head of communications Catherine Corre clarified:

“The network of providers is stronger in the US for this launch, so it is about availability. There are no legal restrictions, but if a user is not in the U.S., they will have less options for the gift cards.”

Brave’s defense of privacy

Brave is a privacy-preserving browser that rewards its users with BAT for the adds they choose to watch. Brave browser was recently praised in a privacy study over its rivals mainstream rivals Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Also, Charles Hoskinson has opined that in five years it could overtake Chrome.

On March 5, Brave introduced protection from “fingerprinting”. Browser fingerprinting is how advertisers track users online by “building a large collection of things that are a little bit unique about your browser and environment.”

While most browsers are combating this technique by trying to “make different browsers look as similar as possible,” Brave’s approach is different. According to the company, introducing randomization makes “every browser look completely unique, both between websites and between browsing sessions.”

Now anyone can earn BAT rewards by using a privacy-protecting Brave browser and later redeem it for the multitude of reward options available through the TAP Network.