Bitcoin discount service and marketplace has launched Storefronts, the first implementation of a major update allowing businesses to build a brand on the platform.

“Storefronts are a great way for businesses and individuals to quickly set-up shop, and start selling their inventory or personal belongings for Bitcoin,” a blog post from the company reads introducing the concept.

Purse unveiled Storefronts, which has been long in the making, on its Twitter page on Wednesday.

Merchants have been able to sell items on Purse’s marketplace for over a year, but Storefronts aims to transform the possibilities into giving businesses a fully-fledged online presence in Bitcoin.

“By selling goods on Purse, merchants can enjoy the same online e-commerce experience they’re familiar with; and enjoy all the pleasures of accepting Bitcoin,” it added.

Storefronts will initially only include shipping to the US, with the promise of international availability coming “in the future.”

Purse began in 2014 by offering users discounts on Amazon when shopping using Bitcoin, a service which continues to expand beyond the US to include markets such as wildly-popular India.