Chinese bitcoin exchange platform Huobi, has announced a new collaboration with Tsinghua University for a new "Digital Asset Research Initiative." The research collaboration will be formalized on Saturday April 25, at the Wudaokou School of Finance in Beijing.

The official ceremony will mark the debut of a long-term research initiative that will be jointly conducted by finance and technology experts from Wudaikou School of Finance, and Huobi, the official sponsor of the project.

The scope of the research will be essentially focused on understanding how digital innovation is transforming the financial and economical landscape, as well as predicting the future impacts and trends of relevant innovations.

Tsinghua University, a research university and one of the top institutions of higher education in Mainland China, has produced some notable graduates, especially in political sphere, including former General Secretary, president Hu Jintao, and the current Party General Secretary Xi Jinping, as well as two Nobel Prize in Physics winners, Tsung-Dao Lee and Yang Chen Ning,

As of 2014, Tsinghua University has 19 schools and 55 departments, among which the Wudaokou School of Finance, also known as the PBC School of Finance, an educational establishment founded in 2012 as a joint venture between the University and the People's Bank of China.

Wudaokou School of Finance's new collaboration with Huobi is yet another sign of the University's keen interest in digital currencies and block chain technology.

Wu Xiaoling, the dean of the Wudaokou School of Finance and the former deputy director of China's central bank, gave a speech in December 2014, where she argued that virtual currencies and government money can co-exist.

She stated:

"While information technology will have a hard time changing money creation, it will have an easier time impacting the implementation of certain payment functions.

A new value transfer network based on open-source, distributed information technology will reduce costs and increase efficiency; it is worthy of exploration and development."

Huobi, one of the world's leading bitcoin exchanges, said it is "committed to promoting the healthy growth and development of bitcoin in China and around the world," adding that the new research collaboration should "provide quality information and insight to finance and technology industry professionals, investors, entrepreneurs, regulators, and the general public."

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