Lition, a commercial blockchain, announced on Feb. 18 that Microsoft has officially brought Lition blockchain solution to its Azure cloud marketplace.  

This makes Lition one of the few public/private blockchains currently supported by a major cloud provider like Microsoft. Microsoft also became the first to bring blockchain to the cloud and continues to remain at the cutting edge of blockchain adoption.

Enterprises worldwide to benefit from blockchain adoption 

Integrating Lition blockchain into Azure allows Microsoft Azure’s worldwide enterprise clients to develop, test and deploy Lition side chains and applications with a click of a button on its platform, according to the announcement. Dr. Richard Lohwasser, Lition’s CEO added that: 

“Lition is committed to providing an accessible onramp to blockchain for all organizations. We believe that making integration as seamless as possible is vital to bridging the gap to adoption. Azure will be a tremendous asset for our customers..”

Lition marketing manager Benni Woerpel told Cointelegraph that synergies between big companies and startups are crucial for the blockchain industry and real businesses:

“Streamlining the processes to adopt blockchain technology through Microsoft Azure gives us a great advantage when approaching businesses. The challenge is to give simple solutions for complex corporate systems. I believe that Lition is evolving in the right direction to tackle this challenges.”

Azure cloud dominating the public cloud market

According to the announcement, Azure is the driving force behind Microsoft’s cloud business. The platform currently has the second-largest share of the $229 billion public cloud market, primarily catering to large enterprise clients. Azure’s clients include over 95% of Fortune  500 companies, including Walmart, Coca-Cola, Boeing and Samsung.