One of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges Coinbase has recently announced major updates to its mobile app that will allow traders to monitor Bitcoin trading activity "on the go".

In the official statement, Coinbase notes that such improvements were made necessary by the surge of the trading activity over the past several weeks.  

The updated app allows for a more comfortable experience of tracking BTC price volatility on the traders' mobile devices. For users with several BTC wallets on Coinbase, an option was also added to easily consolidate the balance across several accounts. And as usual, traders can track Bitcoin price charts on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly or all-time basis.

Moreover, the app now supports 5 more languages (traditional and simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Russian) and is currently only available for iOS. Coinbase promises to add support for other operating systems soon.

Judging from a brainstorming session on the Future of Bitcoin Apps published on the Coinbase's blog, there is still an ocean of untapped potential for all kinds of BTC-based mobile apps, like a Bitcoin-enabled browser, Mobile micro-payouts services, Remittance apps, and much more.

Vladimir Dubinin, the CEO of Distributed Lab shared his opinion on the announcement with the Cointelegraph. He believes that every Bitcoin exchange should have a similar mobile app for its users:

“In my opinion, this feature is new and fresh because of the Bitcoin price volatility that we witness now. Usually, when the volatility is high the whole market awakens. However, this is more like another way to attract more users, rather than major update.”