CoinFlip, the Bitcoin ATM company, has issued an open letter today informing users that they will not support the new Bitcoin Cash (BCC), should the fork occur Aug. 1.


CoinFlip’s letter comes amid a number of other statements rejecting the potentially newly created altcoin. The letter makes it clear that CoinFlip’s ATMs will not support anything other than Bitcoin core.

"CoinFlip has no plans whatsoever to support any sort of Bitcoin spin-off or altcoin, and BCC provides no exception to this stance. We will continue to support Bitcoin core, and as far as Bitcoin goes - only sell and buy Bitcoin core at our terminals."

ATMs Closing

The company also gave a clear indication of how their ATMs would work immediately after the fork. Initially, they intend to suspend all transactions for a minimum of 24 hours in order to be certain that the disruption to the Blockchain is complete. Further, all coins will already be split, and BCC transactions will be noted as ‘invalid,’ since the system will not support BCC. Users with CoinFlip should make other arrangements should they want to take advantage of the BTC split.