Cointelegraph launches a dedicated site for Greek crypto news as the importance of digital currencies grows around the world.

Staying up to date with the developments in the digital currency and crypto world is ever more important as the pace and scale of the technological leaps forward continue to increase.

Cointelegraph has been at the forefront of reporting these developments for over a year now, bringing our readers the latest and greatest crypto news from around the world. Following the dramatic growth this led to, we now have the distinct pleasure of announcing the opening of our newest local office, in Greece.

Cointelegraph Greece is set to collect  and collate the latest crypto stories affecting the Hellenic Republic, and deliver it to readers with the same high standards of objectivity, passion, and editorial determination, that we have set for our international site.

Speaking to the new director of our Greek service, we asked what they aimed to achieve with the launch of the new regional chapter of the Cointelegraph Media Group.

“Our goal is to provide a constant flow of articles from the main site with high quality translations into Greek, and further more to report on local activity in Greece related to crypto currencies. From the technology that drives it, to the profound impact it is having.

To start with, we have a dedicated writer for both the translations and reporting of news within Greece, and a technical expert who is passionate about blockchain technology having been involved with it over the last few years.”

Greece itself has had a difficult financial time since the global economic crisis and its EU bailout package in 2011. Back at the start of the year Cointelegraph explored whether Bitcoin itself could provide an on-the-ground solution for Greek citizens faced with economic uncertainty, and the prospect of a Euro exit.

Cointelegraph Greece team is already busy in its new office getting ready for their big launch on the 23th of March. Here's a sneak preview of what's going to be on offer soon over on the Greek site:

“A Greeks guide to crypto-currency

An easy guide on how to get up and running with Bitcoin safely. The article will explore the various ways to open a wallet, possible exchanges and other methods of acquiring bitcoin (of course including mining) and lastly the safe storage of your coins.

Subsequent articles along this theme would include alternative currencies and asset exchanges, decentralized stores that are available, and many more blockchain related solutions.

Latest trends in Greece regarding Bitcoin

An in depth exploration of the current trends of Bitcoin in Greece. The major players, up and coming events and insight into the future. Starting with the eccentric Janis Varoufakis, and getting on to places you can spend your bitcoin today in Greece.

How could block-chain technology help Greece's financial situation

Many people only see the obvious uses of the crypto-currencies, however the true strength is actually the core of the cryptocurrency itself. The Block-chain, offers a myriad of new uses revolving around its ability to provide trust and ownership within a decentralized manor and further more new technologies that allow the execution of small programs within the blockchain, which enables blocks to actually make decisions based on information. This has spawned a whole new era of possibilities from autonomous companies to online betting.”

By opening Cointelegraph Greece, we aim to increase Cointelegraph's ability to bring the best reporting of the most important news from around the globe. Speaking about the news, Cointelegraph's head of Business Development Victoria Vaughan commented.

“With the opening of Cointelegraph Greece we're taking another step along the path towards our goal of producing world class news and comment content for the crypto sector. It's great to be able to offer both the international site, and a local version covering the most important stories for Greece.”

The new Cointelegraph Greece service will launch on the 23th of March, accessible through the new Greek Cointelegraph site. Cointelegraph team is also excited to open many more local offices, so if you're interested in bringing world-class crypto journalism to your corner of world, please get in touch with us at: [email protected].

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