The Ethereum development startup ConsenSys has released a new white paper for its projects in Dubai at the city’s World Government Summit.

The paper, titled “Blockchain, Hyperconnectivity and the City of the Future,” details new plans for innovation focusing on smart cities and the Internet of Things.

"We are thrilled to see Dubai emerge as a home for fast forward, broad focus Blockchain innovation and are looking forward to ongoing opportunities to work with Dubai government and corporates toward accomplishing many ambitious goals,” ConsenSys founder Joseph Lubin told the International Business Times.


The startup has an established history in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, having previously participated in the Dubai Future Accelerator scheme. Microsoft and IBM are also active in the space.

Further details about the new Blockchain projects are expected in the coming weeks but local government services are likely to lie at the heart of the proposals as Dubai becomes an increasingly active Blockchain hub.

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