A few days ago we announced the winners of Cointelegraph’s Christmas Price Prediction contest sponsored by Virtex and EgoPay.

It has since come to our attention, however, that those named as winners did not in fact have the closest predictions.

When selecting the winners, we unfortunately experienced problems with the way YouTube documents comment submission times, meaning some were misinterpreted. As a result, we regrettably need to alter the results of the competition.

Cointelegraph would like to apologize to all our readers for the confusion, and hope that taking part in the competition was still a fun and enjoyable experience.

We are pleased to announce the new winner and runner-up!

First place belongs to Ebusiness Today with a prediction of $318.20, and second place goes to Robert Mevil, who predicted $321.

The price of 1 bitcoin on Virtex at noon on December 25 was US$319.30.

We would like to ask Robert Mevil to share details of his EgoPay account with us so that we may transfer his prize of $500.

Thank you all for participating and once again apologies for the errors due to the YouTube comment dating mechanism.

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