Don’t read the above headline as a boast, but as a statement of fact.

Most of those crowdsales and initial coin offerings (ICO) you see these days from startups such as Storj or Koinify are powered by the decentralized P2P financial platform Counterparty, the organization announced in a release on Thursday.

“Today’s altcoin and Bitcoin 2.0 startups rely on crowdsales to not only fuel their launches, providing much-needed capital to get their businesses and projects off the ground, but also to generate attention from both media and investors,” the release read.

“As well, entrepreneur after entrepreneur is turning to Counterparty’s platform and online wallet to offer their native tokens and currency to the public. Together, Counterparty is helping power approximately two-thirds of all altcoin and Bitcoin 2.0 startups and ICOs (initial coin offerings).”

Counterparty, a completely decentralized platform that has no formal corporate structure — just a core team of people building the technology itself — is designed to make financial instruments such as binary options freely available and out of the control of middlemen and third parties.

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In Counterparty’s own words, that means a platform “with built-in protections that prevent the system itself from being gamed by those in positions of power or influence.” All of this is built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Cointelegraph has reported on some of Counterparty’s improved security features over the last few months, including the introduction of multisig support and support for offline Armory wallets.

Other startups working with Counterparty in some capacity include Swarm and DigitalTangible.

“We’re immensely proud that so many ventures in the digital currency ecosystem trust Counterparty for such a crucial stage,” Counterparty co-founder Evan Wagner said in the statement.