Donald Trump’s seemingly erroneous covfefe tweet has sent the Internet into overdrive - including the cryptocurrency sphere.

As pundits puzzled over the circumstances behind Trump’s mysterious utterance, Core developer Jeff Garzik was among the first to capitalize on the fallout.

In response to his challenge to issue an ERC20 token by the name of “covfefe,” such a token was promptly created.

Whether an ICO or similar will become available in the future is yet to be seen.

Trump is known for his often provocative Twitter posts, yet has now appeared to have deleted the original covfefe message.

Elsewhere, Financial Times News Editor Peter Spiegel gained a quotation on BBC News for his covfefe tweet, which took the form of a spoof meeting memo.

Entrepreneur and Megaupload/Bitcache creator Kim Dotcom also weighed into the detective work, proclaiming the word meant “conspiracy theory” in Russian.

All manner of reactions continue to covfefe, meanwhile, from license plate purchases to the domain, which was bought within minutes of Trump’s tweet going live but is still devoid of content.

The term is currently number two in the world on Google Trends.

Covfefe Craze: Trump’s Typo Gets Own Crypto Token