Craig Wright, who has previously claimed to be the creator of Bitcoin, among other exploits, was filmed at the Future of Bitcoin conference in the Netherlands today. The conference is focused on ways to move Bitcoin into the wider economy.

The erstwhile computer scientist and public figure was given the stage by nChain President Jon Matoni, who relinquished his speaking time to Wright.

Wright and Matonis have been working together on the Blockchain research company since May, with Wright as the Chief Scientist.

Wright's stance on SegWit2

Wright then proceeded with a lengthy rant filled with expletives and often incendiary threats against Bitcoin Core developers, and others regarding legal action by Australian authorities.

 Later on, Wright ignites a firestorm on Reddit:

“That is what Bitcoin is all about: hard, central, controlled, no-one-can-change money”.

He also threatened the SegWit protocol and claimed to have a mining pool with 20% of the world’s hashing power. The claims are in response to the clear consensus that seems to be forming around the SegWit2 plan from the other leading mining pools around the world.

A full video of his somewhat disjointed speech can be found here.