Finally, after trials that Dogecoin community went through, great news arrive for the famous crypto. Finally, DOGE’s client is being fixed to prevent hacking and “unethical” mining.

Dog’s life

Dogecoin is an example of what happens when technological trend meets an internet meme. Just four month ago, most were skeptical about the arrival of digital currency, which basically exploited a joke. Now, it has a sixth largest market cap among all cryptos, according to

However, DOGE is not only famous for its shiba itsu image. Much more important is the charitable attitude of the community that surrounds the digital currency. Would that be helping out Jamaican bobsleigh team this year in Sochi or raising fifty thousand dollars for the water wells in Kenya.

Doge eats Doge

Nevertheless, generosity is not an excuse for hackers and thieves. Carefully executed DDoS attacks managed to undermine the mining pools’ (no pun intended) efforts on building hashes for the network. Just lost about 15 million DOGE from its owner’s wallet.

There is also a problem of multipools organizing together to exploit the flaw in the currency to pick only blocks with high rewards for mining as it was proved to be susceptible to pre-calculated prediction. These massive mining operation lead to a leap in difficulty, which leaves the solo miners out of the table.

Doge is going to the vet

To prevent multipools from stealing all the good stuff, crypto’s developers are rolling out the 1.6 version of the wallet. The update will be mandatory, so no fraudster will be left behind.

The new version includes hard fork of the block chain as doge-lovers better switch to it or they may find themselves out of the correct blockchain, thus forsaking any chance to retrieve their digital coins.

The main features that took our attention are the now fixed reward of 250,000 DOGE and a new algorithm that changes the time it takes to tune difficulty after the multipool takes it’s turn. Now, it happens almost instantly.

There are still problems that need to be addressed, but this fix is serious argument for miners, who prefer to work alone and hopefully Doge will again become minable for everyone as opposed to Bitcoin.