Crypto asset prices fell drastically this past week. The CEO and co-founder of Unstoppable Domains, Matthew Gould, said interest in the industry, however, still remains positive. 

"Over the past week, crypto markets have experienced significant volatility sparking concern among the blockchain community and investors at large,” Gould said in a comment sent to Cointelegraph. On Wednesday, Bitcoin plunged down near the $30,000 price point — a dramatic move considering the asset traded near $60,000 earlier in May, based on TradingView data.

“However, blockchain domain names are being registered at unprecedented speeds with no signs of slowing down,” Gould said, adding:

"Domain names registered on the Ethereum blockchain have grown by nearly 25,000 over the past week to 817,000 on Unstoppable Domains. The current registration rate is on pace for >500% YoY growth, even during this past week’s selloff. Growth of usage of blockchain apps continues even in the face of declines in crypto speculation, showing that when you look at the space as a whole, optimism is ever-present."

Unstoppable Domains gives folks the opportunity to acquire and control a given domain name with the .crypto extension, storable via a nonfungible token, or NFT. This differs from current standard centralized methods of website ownership, which domain providers control.

Last week yielded headlines around Bitcoin mining energy consumption, stemming from Tesla’s decision to stop taking Bitcoin as a form of payment, based on related energy concerns. The move, seemingly temporary, has seen pushback from folks in the days since.